Sonic Frontiers: How to Level Up Faster

Leveling up in Sonic Frontiers is the best way to increase your stats and overall power.

However, the leveling system can be fairly complicated since it’s not as simple as defeating enemies and leveling up by gaining XP.

If you’re struggling with a boss, or simply want to max everything out, you’ve come to the right place.

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In this guide, I will explain how leveling works in Sonic Frontiers and provide some tips to help you level up faster.

How Leveling Works

The leveling system is split into four categories, all of which are leveled separately.

  • Speed
  • Ring Capacity
  • Strength
  • Defense

For speed and ring capacity stats, players need to farm Koco. These are found all around the map, usually in groups of 5, and can be traded to Elder Koco who will convert them into stats.

Sonic explores the open world in Sonic Frontiers.

On the other hand, strength and defense stats require farming seeds of power and seeds of defense respectively. Then, players can trade these seeds to Hermit Koco and convert them into stats.

Keep in mind that each of the four stats has a maximum level of 99.

How to Level Up Skills Fast

Thankfully, the best way to level up fast allows players to level all four skills. Surprisingly enough, the best way for that is through fishing.

Simply visit any of the fishing areas in the game, spend all of your purple coins, and catch as many fish as possible.

Leveling up defense and power in Sonic Frontiers.

Sometimes you’ll hook fish, while in other cases you’ll reel in trash or random treasures. Either way, whatever you catch will reward you with some fishing tokens, depending on its rarity.

Your goal at first is simple: get as many fishing tokens as possible.

The reason you should care about fishing tokens so much is that you can use them in Big the Cat’s shop nearby and exchange them for valuable items. While you can buy various stuff, here are the ones that should interest you if you want to level up quickly.

  • Red Seed of Power
  • Blue Seed of Defense
  • Lost Koco
  • Rings

Each of these levels up one of the aforementioned skills. Gather as many tokens as you can and cash them in to level up your preferred skill.

With a lot of tokens and enough patience to keep fishing, you can get every skill to level 99 within an hour or two.

How to Fish

Catching a big fish next to Big the Cat in Sonic Frontiers.

As for how to fish in Sonic Frontiers, things are fairly straightforward. Find any fishing area, interact with Big the Cat to borrow his fishing rod, and cast your hook.

Then, hit the appropriate skill check when the white circle aligns with the red one and you’ll reel in your catch.

As for how to collect purple coins quickly, your best bet is Starfall events. Collect fallen meteors and use gathered items for chances at the slot machine which appears in your UI during the event.

In 5-10 minutes, you can collect hundreds of purple coins easily.


To sum up, that’s everything you need to know on how the leveling system works and how to level up fast in Sonic Frontiers.

All it takes is gathering purple coins through Starfall events, using these to fish, and then cashing in fishing tokens for level-up materials.

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What do you think about the leveling system in Sonic Frontiers? Which skill are you leveling up first? Let us know in the comments below.


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