Roots of Pacha: How to Get Milk

There are many things you can have animals produce for you in Roots of Pacha. One of the produce, and the most common you find in games like these, is milk. In this today’s guide, I will go over how to get milk, in Roots of Pacha.

Milk can be a great asset by itself, but by using the tools players are able to acquire by playing the game, they can turn milk into even more dairy products that can give you a lot in return.

Here is a quick overview of what you would need in order to get Milk. Milk can only be obtained by using a milker, and then milking a Female Ibex.

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Roots of Pacha: General Information about Ibexes


The Ibex is an animal that can be tamed and kept as a barn animal and mount.

The Ibexes are a type of tamable animal found in the Forest map year-round. They have a male and female variant and 10 different color variations.

  • Light Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Tramontana
  • Mustard
  • Cocoa
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Almond Chocolate
  • Golden (Rare)
  • Shallow Waters (Rare)
  • Spider (Legendary)

Ibex can be ridden after a friendship of 3 hearts is reached. Tamed female ibexes can be milked for Ibex Milk using the Milker, and tamed male ibexes can drop Horns.

Players utilizing the breeding mechanic can improve the quality of products, speed up the time it takes for those products to be generated, and increase their overall speed as a mount.

Roots of Pacha: How to Get Ibex Milk


So now that you all all about Ibexes let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

To be able to harvest Ibex Milk from a female Ibex you will need the milker tool, which is obtainable from Acre.

Acre is a member of the Pachan Clan and the Clan’s toolmaker. Like her partner Croll, she prefers to stay busy.

The Ibex Milk doesn’t only offer players a good gift item, or even a high contribution to the clan.

With the use of three different tools, you will be able to get different dairy products.

  • Ibex Milk is processed into Ibex Milk Butter, by using the Mortar and Pestle.
  • Ibex Milk is processed into Sour Creme, by using the Fermenter.
  • Ibex Milk is processed into Goat Cheese, by using the Cheese Cloth.

Final Thoughts

Ibex Milk is a really versatile item, that gives players many options from making it a gift, processing it into something else, or even using it as a contribution to the clan.

Using Ibex Milk no matter the form, will help players be able to achieve both their short, and long-term goals. Especially now that you know how to get Milk, in Roots of Pacha.

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With so many different products from animals, Ibex Milk is only of them. Let us all know in the comments down below, what you think the most versatile product is, and what should players go after when they take their steps in the game.


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