Best Tabletop-Inspired Games You Should Play

Tabletop games have a long and storied history, with some of the most beloved board and card games being around for decades.

But now that we’re living in an age where digital gaming is becoming more popular than ever, it’s no surprise that many of those classic tabletop experiences are getting new life on our phones and computers.

From adaptations of timeless classics to brand-new titles inspired by the best elements of traditional gaming, here are the best tabletop-inspired video games you should play today.

1. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride

This digital version of the classic board game brings all of that old-school fun to your computer or tablet.

It’s easy to learn and incredibly enjoyable, with a great cross-platform multiplayer option available. In addition to the classic version of Ticket To Ride, there are also expansions available for purchase that add in all-new challenges and maps.

Also, you can even purchase physical board game accessories like miniature trains and train cards to enhance the digital experience. Furthermore, the digital version has vibrant visuals and an intuitive UI, making it great for all ages.

2. Carcassonne


This fan-favorite board game comes to life in this digital adaptation that offers a faithful recreation of the classic experience. It’s quite easy to learn the basics while providing enough options to keep experienced players engaged.

There are four different AI opponents you can challenge or you can take on some local friends via pass-and-play mode.

And if that isn’t enough, there are also countless expansions available that add unique rulesets and new pieces into the mix.

For instance, one of the expansions includes wizards, dragons, and fairies that can really change up your game.

3. Agricola


This award-winning board game is an absolute must-play for anyone who enjoys classic resource management experiences.

Just like with the physical version of this title, you’ll need to build your own farm from scratch while managing resources like animals and crops.

The digital version has all sorts of great additions as well; you can choose between multiple AI opponents or challenge others online.

There are also several expansions available for purchase that introduce new elements into the mix like extra buildings and character classes. In addition, the visuals and UI are incredibly intuitive, making it a great choice for any age group.

4. Red Dragon Inn

Red Dragon Inn

If you’re looking for a more lighthearted experience, Red Dragon Inn should be your go-to. This digitally remastered version of the classic card game is sure to delight players of all ages.

You and up to seven other friends can dive into this tavern-based adventure and work together to defeat various enemies and opponents.

If you see any Red Dragon Inn review you will see that the best part is that you don’t have to worry about learning complex rules; it’s incredibly easy to pick up and play right away.

Plus, there are dozens of expansions available for purchase with new characters, items, allies, opponents, locations, and much more.

5. Pandemic Legacy: Season 1

This is one of the most popular tabletop experiences ever created, and its digital version lives up to the hype. It’s an intense cooperative game where you must work together with your friends to save the world from a deadly virus.

The game keeps you on your toes as each play session lasts for several hours and you’ll need to make tough decisions that could have permanent consequences for your team.

As you progress through each game, you’ll be able to unlock new rewards that can carry over into future sessions.

6. Star Realms

Star Realms

Star Realms is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a fast-paced card game that can be played in under an hour. The digital version offers all of the same great features as its physical counterpart, with vibrant graphics and intuitive UI to boot.

You’ll need to build your own deck from over 250 cards while battling others online or against AI opponents. There are also plenty of expansions available that offer new ships, bases, heroes, and more.

Also, if you’re a fan of physical card games and want to quickly learn the basics, this is definitely one to try out. In addition, there is a two-player mode for those who want an even more intense experience.

7. Eclipse

Eclipse is a comprehensive 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) game that requires a lot of strategic thought.

You’ll be able to choose between multiple alien races and work together with friends online or against AI opponents to build an expansive empire.

The digital version of this title offers intuitive visuals, great UI, and plenty of customization options so you can tailor the experience to your exact specifications.

There are several expansions available for purchase that introduce new elements such as extra fleets, galactic events, and more. Eclipse is definitely one of the best tabletop experiences on the market today.

8. Potion Explosion

Potion Explosion

Potion Explosion is a unique match-3 puzzle game that has been released in digital form. You’ll be able to work with up to three other friends online as you try and create powerful potions by matching colored ingredients together.

It’s incredibly easy to learn yet incredibly hard to master, making it great for players of all ages and skill levels.

The visuals are stunning, and the UI is very intuitive. If you’re looking for a unique puzzle experience then Potion Explosion should definitely be on your radar.


These 8 titles are, in my opinion, the best digital versions of some of the most popular tabletop games out there. If you have additional titles to suggest, leave a comment down below.

And if you’re into some specific tabletop games, like D&D make sure to continue reading our previous article showcasing the best Dungeons and Dragons games on the Nintendo Switch.

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