Farlight 84 Vehicle Tier List

Farlight 84 is an intense Battle Royale game, that throws players into a chaotic wasteland world and waits to see who comes out on top. It gives players a variety of ways to get to the top.

In today’s tier list, I will go over the best vehicles in the game. From best to worst, you will know what to expect when you find them abandoned in this wasteland.

But always remember, no matter the place always make use of what you find in any given situation. Making the best out of a bad situation will make much more of a difference for you than always going after the best and risking it all, and ending up with nothing.

Here is a quick overview of the tier list for those of you who don’t care about lengthy explanations, and want to get back into the game having an upper hand.

S TierFlamethrower, Hovercar
A TierWar Spider, War Crab, Hoverbike, Wasteland Hovercraft, Mobile Turret
B TierCarnival Rig, Single Pilot Mecha

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Farlight 84: S Tier Vehicles


Vehicles provide a dynamic answer in combat when you either want to escape or catch your enemies by surprise. They elevate what players can do, and how to counter given situations.

S-tier vehicles are the best of the best. When you need something for combat or something to do a quick getaway, if you pick either of these two you will not be disappointed.

As we go lower in the tier list you will see other vehicles that can be used by players to a greater effect, so don’t feel discouraged if the one you like to use is lower than you expected to find it.

S Tier Vehicle: Flamethrower



  • Nitrogen Acceleration: This greatly increases the vehicle’s speed for a short period.


  • Flamethrower: Vehicle-mounted fire-spewing device, which can cause penetration attacks

The Flamethrower is an excellent vehicle that has high mobility and allows players to get up close and personal with their enemies.

Utilizing the all-terrain tires to go over any type of natural environment, and by using the skill you will be able to close the distance in an instant and burn your enemies to a crisp with its powerful flamethrower.

S Tier Vehicle: Hovercar



  • Stealth: The vehicle’s body and the passengers inside go into Stealth mode.
  • Water Walk: The vehicle can traverse all water surfaces.


  • Charged Homing Cannon: A Vehicle-mounted weapon that can fire charged energy bombs, and has decent tracking abilities

The hovercar is the best vehicle for a quick getaway. It has Stealth Mode, and it can even go over the water allowing players to not be trapped by the environment when they need to escape.

Farlight 84: A Tier Vehicles

A-tier vehicles are good but you have better options. If you end up finding any of them, then use them to the best of your ability.

A Tier Vehicle: War Spider



  • Jumping: The vehicle can jump in any specified direction.


  • Double-pump Shotgun: A Vehicle-mounted shotgun with high close-ranged bursts, but slow reload speed

A Tier Vehicle: War Crab



  • Jumping: The vehicle can jump in any specified direction.
  • EMP: Paralyzes the Jetpacks of nearby Vehicles and Players, and deals a certain amount of Shield damage.


  • Energy Cannon: An energy weapon that fires a long-range, high-damage beam after charging

A Tier Vehicle: Hoverbike



  • Water Walk: The vehicle can traverse all water surfaces.


  • 4-barrel Machine Gun: High-rate machine guns suspended on both sides of the Vehicle

A Tier Vehicle: Wasteland Hovercraft



  • Water Walk: The vehicle is able to traverse all water surfaces.
  • Levitating Leap: Quickly increase flight altitude, then glide and slowly land.
  • Smoke Bomb: Release smoke, surrounding the Vehicle


  • 3-shot Sticky Bomb: Explodes after a short delay when attached to the surface of an object

A Tier Vehicle: Mobile Turret



  • Turret Deployment: The Mobile Turret is transformed into a fixed Turret
  • Self Repair: Continuously restores Vehicle durability for a period of time


  • Mortar: Vehicle Mortar for long-range bombing

Farlight 84: B Tier Vehicles


B-tier vehicles exist in the game, but there are definitely better options. You should use them when you want to have fun or try something different.

Carnival Rig


  • Release Bezel: Lower the body flap to carry passengers and other small Vehicles.
  • Fireworks: Unleash fireworks into the sky


  • The vehicle isn’t equipped with a weapon.

Single Pilot Mecha


  • Release Bezel: The vehicle can jump in any specified direction.


  • Double-barrel Gatling: Machine guns mounted on both sides of the mech, with gradually increasing attack speed as the barrels rotate faster.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to battle royals, options for players to fight for, and get the upper hand is always something to look forward to.

Vehicles in games like these almost have a nostalgic feeling to couch co-op. Even though you agreed not to use them because they were too overpowered, once the game began both sides run like crazy to get to them first.

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Now that you know what the best vehicles are in Farlight 84, go out there and use the best to win first place. Let us all know in the comments down below how your games went, and what is your favorite vehicle to go after while playing.


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