Roblox Rogue Demon: How to Change Breathing Styles

Roblox Rogue Demon is a Roblox experience inspired by the popular anime Demon Slayer. In today’s guide, I will showcase how to change Breathing Styles in Roblox Rogue Demon.

Breathing Styles and Blood Demon Arts are the main options players will have at their disposal to tackle the challenges the game throws at them.

Whether you want to be a Hashira or one of the Twelve Kizuki, this is the game for you. It’s not always easy to pick though and even after you pick, you may want to try other options to see what fits your playstyle best.

After going over the seven different breathing styles, I will also explain in detail how to change them.

For a quick overview, here is what you need to know to change your Breathing Styles. Once you start the game, you will be given the option to pick a moveset to play with, and that is where you change it.

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Roblox Rogue Demon: General Information about Breathing Styles


In the current release of the game, there are seven Breathing Styles inside the game. Each type offers four different moves, and there are seven more to be released in the future according to the devs.

So let’s brush up on our knowledge of what Breathing Styles are. They are swordsmanship styles that makes use of an esoteric breathing technique known as Total Concentration Breathing. 

In the series, it is practiced and taught by members of the Demon Slayer Corps and is used in combat by Demon Slayers. All known Breathing Styles currently taught within the Demon Slayer Corps are derived from Sun Breathing, the first one ever created.

The majority of these Breathing Styles mimic natural elements such as fire, water, and wind. Some of the people we have seen so far can use derivatives of these styles such as Sound, Beast, and Insect.

Each Breathing Style offers four different moves and they each have a different cooldown and an amount of damage done.

First MoveSecond MoveThird MoveFourth Move
Sun BreathingDance: cooldown of 20 secs and deals 15 DMG
Flame Dance: cooldown of 20 secs and deals 15 DMG
Clear Blue Sky: cooldown of 10 secs and deals 5 DMGFake Rainbow: Evasive
Fire Wheel: cooldown of 30 seconds
Hinokami: cooldown of 120 secs and deals 4 DMG per slash, and 10 DMG with the finishing blow.
Sun Halo Dragon Head Dance:
cooldown of 90 secs and deals 30 DMG
Water BreathingFlowing Dance: cooldown of 20 secs and deals 15 dmgWaterfall Basin: cooldown of 20 secs and deals 10 dmg (15 dmg if used in mid-air)Constant Flux:  cooldown of 90 secs and deals 40 dmgDead Calm: cooldown of 15 secs and deals 10 dmg
Lateral Water Wheel: cooldown of 15 secs and deals 7 dmg
Insect BreathingButterfly Dance Caprice: cooldown of 10 secs and deals 10 dmgDance of the Bee Sting True Flutter:
cooldown of 15 secs and deals 15 dmg
Dance of the Dragonfly Compound Eye Hexagon: cooldown of 10 secs and deals 15 dmgDance of the Centipede Hundred-Legged Zigzag: cooldown of 60 seconds and deals 20 dmg
Flame BreathingUnknowing Fire: cooldown of 15 secs and deals 10 dmgRising Scorching Sun:
cooldown of 10 secs and deals 10 dmg
Blazing Universe: cooldown of 10 secs and deals 2.5 dmg
Purgatory: cooldown of 100 secs and deals 50 dmgBlooming Flame Undulation: cooldown of 20 secs and deals 5 dmg
Thunder BreathingThunderclap and Flash, Godlike Speed: cooldown of 60 secs and deals 10 -12 dmgThunderclap and Flash, Sixfold: cooldown of 15 secs and deals 15 dmgThunderclap and Flash:
cooldown of 10 secs and deals 15 dmg
Discharge: cooldown of 25 seconds
Sound BreathingRoar:
cooldown of 15 secs and deals 10 dmg
String Performance: cooldown of 15 secs and deals 8 – 10 dmgFlashbang: cooldown of 20 secs and deals 5 dmgMusical Score: cooldown of 60 secs and deals 35 dmg
Beast BreathingDevour:
Guard Break
Omnidirectional Attack:
Frontal Barrage:
Combo Extender
Devour Rush:
Auto-Execute/Combo Finisher
Palisade Bite:
Auto-Execute/Guard Bypass

These were all the different Breathing Styles, and all the different moves you will be able to master and utilize in combat.

Roblox Rogue Demon: Changing Breathing Styles


Originally, you were able to change Movesets by walking on “pads” in the game.

Unfortunately, that is no longer possible. Developers removed this option because many players abused it to bypass Breathing Style cooldowns.

It was unfun to go up against, and many players complained about the unfairness it brought to the game. Especially for those that knew about it, going against the ones that didn’t know about it.

The cooldowns on moves were implemented to make them balanced, and the exploit that removed those cooldowns destroyed that fine balance.

That ultimately lead to the decision to remove the ability to change Breathing Styles from inside the game.

So how are players supposed to change Breathing Styles, in Roblox Rogue Demon?

Once you open the game before you choose to spawn in, you are given the option to select a Moveset.

If you chose a Moveset, and decide that it doesn’t fit the playstyle you want to have, the only thing you need to do is go back to the title screen, chose a new Moveset, and spawn back again into the game.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to options, Roblox Rogue Demon has a lot to offer to players who want to play the game. It allows for variety, and a different way to play regardless of which Moveset you choose.

With seven different Breathing Styles, you will definitely find the one that will make you feel like the protagonist of your own adventure. Especially now that you know how to change Breathing Styles, in Roblox Rogue Demon.

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When players are able to be so many things, favorites definitely begin to emerge from the crowd, so let us all know in the comments down below which one is your favorite Breathing Style, and which one you think is the best.


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