Roots of Pacha: Best Animals in the Game

With many farming simulation games having a variety of animals to raise, giving them partners, riding around, and collecting the rarest ones is a big part of the fun.

In this guide, I will go over the best animals to have, and look out for in Roots of Pacha. I will also give you a complete list of every animal, what you need to know, and how to lure them back into your farms.

In a game like this most players know that variety is key, but there are three animals you can find early on that need to be mentioned.

  • The Ibex
  • The Wild Boar
  • The Bunny

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Roots of Pacha: General Knowledge About Animals


Animals can be found in most areas outside of the village, all friendly and willing to eventually join your farm.

There is a single exception for the fully grown Mammoths in the Savanna, but I imagine very few players will start the game, and rush to get them. Especially when the world has so many things to offer.

After your first steps into the game, you will not be able to tame animals immediately. You may find one that is way too cute or one that you find intimidating, but you will have to wait a little.

Progress through the game, and work towards it. The first time you interact with an animal, you’ll unlock the “Animal Friendship” Idea. Give 10 Plant Fibers to Okka, and wait for a day.

The following day you will be able to get the Flute tool and from there you will be able to tame animals.

There are four other Ideas players will want to keep in mind as they move forward.

  • Animal Taming: This Idea is unlocked after fully attuning to an animal for the first time. It unlocks the ability to make Animal Barns. Animal Barns initially house 4 large animals each, which is later upgraded to 7 animals, and fully upgraded to 10 animals.
  • Animal Riding: This Idea is unlocked alongside Animal Taming. Animals have a speed stat which determines how fast they are
  • Granary: This Idea is unlocked by having 8 animals attuned. It automatically feeds animals each day with stored Plant Fiber once made.
  • Breeding Pen: This Idea is unlocked after you have 2 animals at the right friendship rank.

Pets are much simpler. They don’t need to be fed, and will just stay in your house. After a hard day outside, you will go home, and there will be someone waiting for you.

Keep in mind, when I say “your house” I don’t mean the shared one you start in. As you progress you will unlock the ability to build your own home. You can only have a single pet to start with, requiring house upgrades to keep more at once. Pets can be petted each day, and given 2 gifts a week.

Roots of Pacha: Bringing Animals Back to the Farm


Taming animals is a simple process. Interact with a tameable animal and you’ll have the option to attune with them. This takes the form of a simple rhythm game, where you must click each time the white circles reach the inner circle.

Once you are fully attuned, you’ll get the option to invite them to the village. The animals in your village will have a friendship meter that progresses in the form of levels. It goes up s you interact with them or gather items with the Blade Shears or Milker.

  • At Friendship Level 2 large animals can be ridden.
  • At Friendship Level 6 they can be used to breed with another animal of the same species.

Breeding animals requires a Male and Female animal of the same species, both at Friendship Level 6. After sending them to breed, they will have a baby animal a few days later.

Each generation born on the farm will get increased stats compared to the parents. Baby animals will take a little while to grow, and will not produce any items, until fully grown.

Roots of Pacha: Complete Animal List and Best Animals


This is a complete list of all the animals in the game, their types, their variations, their produce, and the locations you can find them in.

Barn Animal
Dulce De Leche
Brown Fluffy
Dust Cloud
Bison FurSavanna
BunnyPet White
Cave LionPetBlack
Barn Animal
Guanaco FurSavanna
Barn Animal
Light Dust
ManureFound past Horse Totem,
upon giving it an Alfalfa.
A plant traded by Zelk
or found next to the
Junglefowl structure in the Jungle
Barn Animal
 Light Brown
 Dark Brown
 Cookie and Cream
 Almond Chocolate
 Shallow Waters
Ibex Milk
JunglefowlBarn AnimalMustard
Black Turquoise
Dark Chocolate
Junglefowl Eggs
Junglefowl Feathers
Dulce de Leche
Rich Chocolate
Barn Animal
Deep Ocean
Light Dust
Grassy Green
Orange Earth
Ostrich Eggs
Ostrich Feathers
Wild BoarMount
Barn Animal
Boar FurForest
Wolf PetOrange

This was the complete list of all the animals you will be able to find in the game.

Now that you know what to expect, let’s go over the best animals in Roots of Pacha.

When it comes to farming simulator games, there isn’t really the best option for animals. As you progress through the game you will want to have at least two of each type of large animal.

Players will want to have a variety of materials for crafting and cooking and never end up running low on something.

As mentioned in the beginning I want to mention the Ibex, because, in the early game, they are useful to produce Ibex milk, which can be turned into cheese and sold for contribution.

Wild Boards can have a speed of 2 even at generation one which will speed up how fast you end up moving around the map, or to objectives and prophecies.

Lastly, the Bunny was an honorable mention because there will be days even in-game, where all you want to do will be do the daily basics, and stay at home petting your pet.

Final Thoughts

Farming Simulators are meant to be enjoyed at your own pace, doing what you want to do most, and what you want your time to be spent on. Take your time, enjoy the game, and fall in love with the world, and the characters.

Especially now that you know about the best animals in Roots of Pacha, as well as other important information about them. The game has a lot to offer, and you should explore it to the fullest.

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With so many things to try, players will most likely have a different opinion on the best animals, so let us all know in the comments down below, which animals you think are the best, and which pet is your favorite.


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