Roots of Pacha: How to Unlock Monkey Totem

Roots of Pacha is a farming simulator game, that throws players into the stone age, and tasks them to cultivate vegetables and herbs, mine the darkest caves filled with mysteries and secret powers, and get to know their clan.

In today’s guide, I will go over how players will be able to unlock the Monkey Totem, in Roots of Pacha.

The Monkey Totem is part of a larger prophecy chain, that is called “Protected By The Spirits”. Its description reads, “In the caves, they got close to the spiritual world and faced Pacha’s challenges.”

The Monkey Totem can be found in the Beach Cave, and players will need to offer three different items.

  • Fermented Fish x1 
  • Ground Up Grain x1
  • Juice x1

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Roots of Pacha: Where to Find the Monkey Totem


In order to complete the Monkey Totem’s challenge you will need to find the totem in the first place.

While playing through the game, players could have already found the Beach Cave.

The Beach Cave is the secret hiding place of the Monkey Totem, but for those of you who haven’t found it yet, how are you supposed to look for the cave?

It’s pretty simple actually. The beach cave entrance is located at the top right of the beach map.

Keep in mind though, that stronger tools than the ones you start with, (and stronger than flint tools) are needed to progress through the caves.

Now that you found the cave how are you supposed to find the Monkey Totem?

You will need to go one room to the west, and then three rooms north. When you enter your first north room, you will see two big bright green circles on the wall and six small red ones around them.

That way you will know that you are on the right path.

Roots of Pacha: Monkey Totem Offerings and Challenge


Once you reach the Monkey Totem you will need to present it with three different offerings.

  • O (Left Slot) – Fruit Juice
  • M (Middle Slot) – Flour
  • X (Right Slot) – Fermented Fish

Unfortunately, players won’t be able to rush the Monkey Totem because you won’t be able to acquire these items at the start of the game. You will need to unlock the Mortar and Pestle, Press, and Fermenter ideas first.

  • At the Fermenter, you can place any fish inside and wait for a few hours to get Fermented Fish.
  • At the Press, you can use Tomatoes or Strawberries to make Fruit Juice.
  • At the Mortar and Pestle, you can grind Wheat or any type of grain to make Flour.

You will also have to face a challenge for the Monkey Totem, and it’s a bit tricky, but if you follow this step-by-step you will be able to complete it.

Do be careful while jumping from one ledge to the next as you can fall in the water if you choose the wrong jumping direction.

  1. Play the green xylophone and jump to the next island.
  2. Play the yellow flute and jump to the next island to the North.
  3. Jump to the right and down to the next island.
  4. Play the blue xylophone and go up where the new rock just rose.
  5. Play the green ocarina and go back to the South-West and then to the North.
  6. Play the blue xylophone and head West.
  7. Play the orange xylophone and head East and then South-East, all the way to the island with the ocarina. Jump again North to the next island and play the green ocarina.
  8. Now go West and then North and the puzzle is done.

Final Thoughts

The Monkey Totem has been a part of the game that gives players trouble completing.

With all the information laid out, you now know how to unlock the Monkey Totem, in Roots of Pacha. You know what you will need to have with you, and how to complete the challenge.

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With so many different things to try and do in the game, and so many differing opinions, let us know in the comments down below when you think players should do the Monkey Totem challenge, and if there is anything else to prioritize.


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