Ready or Not: Best Guns in the Game [2023 Edition]

Ready or Not is an intense, tactical, first-person shooter in early access released back in December of 2021.

With a year in release, there exists a question for new players. What are the Best Guns in Ready or Not?

In this article, I will share with you the best guns in each category and some secondary options that may fit different players to tackle the missions of the game.

If you don’t want to go through the entire list – although you should – the 3 best weapons in Ready or Not are the MK16, the SR-16 and the MPX. Read why (and see more weapons) down below.

Going through the mission, players may find themselves playing the Valley of Dolls. If you feel unsure about finishing the objective check out our guide to help you out, and allow you to spend more time on your weapon loadouts.

Best Assault Rifles in Ready or Not



The MK16, also known as Scar L is the best choice for assault rifles. It has a fast rate of fire for an assault rifle and not much recoil.

Coming with a solid magazine size and 120 total ammo, along with excellent reload speeds whether you do a fast reload (double tap the R key), tactical reload (single tap the R key), or an emergency reload (reloads when the gun is empty on ammo).

Many players find it easy to use and handle when starting, and it will be a reliable weapon as you better understand the mechanics of the game.



The SR-16 is the second-best assault rifle option for players to reach out to and try.

It comes with a folding sight and a long size, with a decent rate of fire. It has great accuracy and control allowing for long shots without any issues.

Players won’t have to worry about recoil and should give this weapon a chance.

Best Submachine Guns in Ready or Not



The MPX is one of the best submachine guns in the game. The weapon has a high fire rate and a good range that will allow it to take down targets with relative consistency compared to other submachine guns.

Its strengths will allow it to be mastered despite skill level. From beginners to veterans, there is something for both camps.

Beginners will have an easy time handling the weapon while working on adapting to the recoil. On the other hand, veterans will use the low recoil to land those all-important headshots.



The MP5A2 is a weapon that handles nicely and has low recoil. It has a convenient burst fire mode and a slim model that doesn’t take up most of your screens.

Though all these points sound like great positives, it’s the staple FPS weapon, and most beginners gravitate toward it. It’s the weapon that gets you into the game and helps you become better until you find the one weapon that works for you.

If you are inexperienced in the FPS genre this starting point is the one for you.

Best Shotguns in Ready or Not

M4 Super 90


The M4 Super 90 is the best and most reliable shotgun currently in the game. Not only is it a reliable automatic shotgun, but it also has a fast rate of fire.

In a pinch, players will be enabled to pull a win due to its automatic nature, but be careful because its high rate of fire can be a double edge sword. The shotgun has an 8-magazine size with a total of 48 ammo.

If left unchecked, a player not paying attention could find themselves reloading at the wrong time.

870 CQB


The 870 CQB is the popular choice for close-quarters combat while going on missions.

Though not as good as the M4, because of its pump-action nature, when cornered in close quarters players will deal massive damage upon firing. Players that decide to use this weapon should be aware of its slow fire rate.

Best Handguns in Ready or Not

57 USG


The 57 USG is by far your best choice when it comes to handguns.

It has the best magazine size of all handguns at 20, with the highest ammo count at 80. It has amazing control and so little recoil that it feels like it has none.

Both beginner and veteran players will not be disappointed by this gun.


To sum up, these were the best weapons in Ready or Not. Use this guide to help you out when you have to decide what you want to bring with you on any given mission.

While Ready or Not is a high-action and intense game, you may need at some point to relax and try something different. Check out our article on the best PC city-building games and you may find something that helps you unwind.

What were your favorite moments with Ready or Not in the past year? Have you put many hours into the game or are you picking it up now because you were curious? Let us know in the comments down below.

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