Best PC City Building Games to Play in 2024

It’s time to check out the best city building games you can and should play in 2024, to make sure that you have the best and latest releases covered when it comes to this often overlooked genre.

Many of you may already have a comfort game to play – but if you don’t, you will probably find my recommendations relaxing and perfect for the job. Let’s check them out below!

Laysara: Summit Kingdom

Laysara: Summit Kingdom is a city builder that tasks you with creating a new home for your people on top of a mountain.

While the game is not launched at the moment of writing this article, it has a free demo you can try out on Steam.

During a campaign or sandbox playthrough, you will establish multiple towns, that have to co-exist.

You will be tasked to create a trading network, which you can then adjust to your needs by going back to already established settlements. A very cool concept.

City Skylines

City Skylines is a modern take on the city building genre, released back in 2015.

Though an older game, it has withstood the test of time, and with many released expansions, people new to this type of game will be pleased with the overall experience.

Its many mechanics test players on the thrills and hardships of maintaining a city and its inevitable expansive needs. From water, electricity, and fire fighting. Some of the most natural and basic needs.

To more complex systems like education, healthcare, the police, and the safety of citizens.

Understand and adapt to the day and night cycles as well as your needs to raise your status as a mayor by designating districts and enacting policies.

It is by far the best PC city-building game to play in 2024 for beginners and experienced players who may have missed this gem of a game.

A sequel has been launched – City Skylines 2, but I think it doesn’t manage to rise to the standards of the original, so better stick with it.

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Frostpunk is a survival city-building game, unique to the genre. You are tasked to manage and grow the last city on Earth using steam-powered technology.

Heat means life in this harsh world and optimization and resource management often clash with your empathy and thoughtful decision-making.

While the world is frozen you will need to create laws and systems to combat food provisions that you may find yourself struggling with, the healthcare of your citizens, and even their work routine.

You will decide whether to rule your people with an iron fist or show compassion and kindness as your cities grow. Either go for extremes or try to strike a balance that better compliments your own personality.

Develop new technologies with what you are given and develop your city. Make advancements and better the life of your people. Though somewhat risky once you feel confident, go out on expeditions to explore the frostlands.

You may find valuable intel, precious supplies, and even people who were left behind. Their destinies lie in your hands and what you decide to do.

Against the Storm

Against the storm is a dark fantasy city builder with rogue-like elements. Faced with apocalyptic rains you are tasked to lead humans, beavers, lizards, and harpies and grow your cities.

Though still in early access the developers have laid out an extensive roadmap for the game. While early access sounds understandably scary, the game by no means feels unfinished.

You may find yourself questioning who the rogue-like elements tie into the game. With each new expedition, you will carry forward resources, upgrades, and experiences of your past failures.

Nothing is meaningless and every playthrough definitely enriches the ones that follow after. All the time and knowledge you accumulate will feel rewarding to use when tackling the game’s challenges.

Manage your diverse population and utilize their strengths. Each tribe offers something different you will need. You will need to manage culinary preferences, housing needs, tastes in luxuries, and even forms of recreation.

If you are looking for something different to experiment with and try out, this is the best PC city-building game to play in 2024.

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Anno 1800

Anno 1800 returns the city-building series to its historical roots, placing you in the position of a leader in the industrial revolution. Letting you forge your own path whatever road it leads you down.

Welcome to the 19th century. Anno 1800 provides players ample opportunity to prove their skills as they create huge metropolises, plan efficient logistic networks, and keep their civilians happy.

Feeling adventurous while playing? Send out expeditions looking for fame and fortune. Settle an exotic new continent and even dominate your opponents by diplomacy, trade, or warfare.

Slowly transition into the modern era and navigate through the arising issues from such a seismic shift.

Even when you find yourself entranced and wanting more, there are four passes so far released adding much variety and content to the game, for you to enjoy and go through.

Going Medieval

Going Medieval

This is a colony building simulator set in a post-plague Medieval world. Players guide survivors in a land overtaken by the wilderness, and the game overall is a bit more intense than your regular city builder.

The objective is to build and protect a multi-story fortress, ensuring the villagers’ safety and happiness.

Defense is a crucial aspect of Going Medieval. The world is filled with external threats such as wildlife, bandits, and other dangers.

Building impenetrable defenses and traps is key to giving your colonists an advantage in battles. Equipping and arming them through crafting and research is vital for repelling attackers.

Pioneers of Pagonia

pioneers of pagonia

This is a game I really like, mainly because it’s basically a modern take on – or an evolution of – The Settlers 2, one of the best classic city building sims.

As a visionary leader, you guide your people, forging alliances and earning the trust of local inhabitants. The game involves sending pioneers to discover new lands, hidden resources, and explore secret locations.

The gameplay centers on building a thriving economy with over 40 different structures and managing more than 70 types of goods.

Players will oversee thousands of inhabitants who carry out their commands, constructing and expanding villages while claiming territories.

Everything takes place on procedurally generated maps, so the replay-ability here is huge. Overall, an amazing game for the fans of the genre.

Farthest Frontier

Farthest Frontier

“Farthest Frontier” is a town-building simulation where players lead a small group of settlers to develop a town at the edge of the known world.

The game focuses on harvesting raw materials, farming, and producing crafted items for trade and survival.

Players must also protect their town against environmental threats and outside enemies, with a pacifist mode available for those who prefer non-combat gameplay.

The game offers advanced town simulation with real-time villager activities and a focus on efficient goods movement and storage.

It features randomly generated maps for varied play experiences, customizable difficulty settings, and extensive environmental interaction.



Fabledom invites players into an accessible, intuitive city-building game set in a world where fairytales are real.

As ruler, you’ll follow the lives of your citizens, managing resources and crafting a city that reflects your vision of a fairytale city.

Unique to Fabledom are elements of romance, where choosing a Queen or King affects gameplay, and a focus on building an army with a chosen hero for defense and conquest.

Set in a sweet, laid-back fairytale world, players can explore environments filled with fantastical creatures like giants and flying pigs, uncovering hidden secrets.


The city-building genre is vast and always has to offer something for everybody. No matter your skill level or how intense you want the game to be.

These were the best city-building games to play in 2024 and filled with something for everybody. I hope you find your next comfort game somewhere on the list.

Let me know in the comments down below which games would you add to the list! Or keep reading to find even more amazing recommendations: Best RPGs with Job Systems and BEST Open World Games on PS5.


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