Ready or Not: How to Turn Off AI Team Members

While Ready or Not is primarily a co-op game, players occasionally prefer to play some missions solo.

However, even when you try to join a game on your own, Ready or Not will automatically fill your team with AI team members.

The issue is that there is no way to turn off AI team members in Ready or Not. Nevertheless, there is an alternative for those who wish to try the game solo.

In this guide, I will explain how to play solo in Ready or Not, without having all the AI team members following you.

How to Play Solo in Ready or Not

Command the AI squad to hold positions at spawn in Ready or Not.
Command the AI squad to hold positions at spawn in Ready or Not.

To play solo, simply select the mission of your choice and choose Singleplayer. However, while you won’t get matched with other players, you will have AI teammates on your team.

While there is no way (that doesn’t involve using mods) to fully disable the AI and join the game in Lone Wolf mode, there is one alternative.

Specifically, to play solo in Ready or Not join a game with the AI squad and order them to hold position while at spawn.

This way, the AI will stay still at the spawn area and not interfere with the mission at all. Even if you fail and replay the mission the AI will still remain at the same spot.

However, keep in mind that Ready or Not is not really built for solo. It’s fine if you want to experiment or explore a specific map, but if you’re aiming to get S rank, you’re going to need any help you can get, including the AI teammates.

Is Ready or Not Good for Solo?

Preparing for a mission in Ready or Not.
Preparing for a mission in Ready or Not.

Ready or Not is actually a great game for playing solo, as long as you can utilize the AI properly. By giving them commands you can have them push, hold positions, or take initiative.

By using the AI properly, you can complete any level even on S rank, without needing to co-op with other players.

However, if your plan is to play completely solo and leave the AI at the spawn, then the game becomes significantly harder. Especially some maps such as Metro and Red Library feel impossible to solo without the AI’s help.

After all, the game is meant to be based on collaboration, either that’s with other players or the AI.

Wrapping up

To sum up, while there is no way to turn off AI teammates in Ready or Not, you can still command them to stay at the spawn and it’s the same thing as playing solo.

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Which map are you trying to solo? Have you managed to solo any missions while leaving the AI at spawn? Let us know in the comments below.


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