Potion Permit: Where to Get Fishing Rod & How to Fish

Fishing is an important part of Potion Permit and today I am here to share with you a complete guide to fishing in the game, as well as answer various questions and offer extra tips for related problems that might pop up.

While most players will unlock fishing by simply playing the game, if you haven’t done so already you might be a bit worried that you maybe missed something.

Fishing is unlocked when you get the fishing rod in the game – so that’s the first thing that we have to addres.

Potion Permit: Getting the Fishing Rod

potion permit primrose

You get the fishing rod for free from Leano, which is found near the Primerose Sail. During the day, head to the northwest part of the town where the boat is docked and a cutscene will play, with Leano and Ottmar.

At the end of the cutscene, you will get the Basic Fishing Rod. (And don’t forget, Leano is one of the few romanceable characters in the game).

Getting the fishing rod is not possible until you complete a few quests in the game – so if you do get there during daytime and the cutscene won’t trigger, you must complete at least one more mission.

I am not sure what is the earliest quest that, once finished, allows you to get access to the fishing rod as I wasn’t paying attention to this when playing, but I think it was around one hour after I started playing.

If you know exactly which is the mission that you must complete before getting the fishing rod, let us all know in the comments section below.

Potion Permit: How to Fish

potion permit fishing

Now that you’ve received your fishing rod, it’s time to start fishing. Fortunately, this is a very easy type of mini-game that is also easy to master.

In order to fish in Potion Permit, you must first go to one of the dedicated fishing spots, make sure that you have some bait with you and cast the rod. The farther away you manage to cast, the higher the chances of catching fish.

After casting, wait for a fish to bite. Once it does, catching the fish is really easy as the game shows you on-screen what you have to do.

You have an icon that shows you how tired the fish is. When the icon shows an emoji that’s sweating, you should reel it in. When the emoji is that of an angry face, stop reeling. And that’s basically it!

potion permit fishing tips

Eventually, you will catch the fish by reeling in at the right time and giving the fish some slack for the rest of the time. Just make sure it doesn’t reach the end of the dedicated fishing zone, as it will escape automatically if that happens.

Note: Make sure to stock up on fishing bait if you want to make sure you can fish in the game. You can always buy more from the Primerose Sail.

Where to fish in Potion Permit

Currently, there are three fishing locations in Potion Permit and each requires better bait and an upgraded fishing rod.

You can check out the three fishing locations on the map below, but they are also easy to see in-game when you look at your own map:

potion permit fishing locations

Fishing rewards you with meat – different types of fish giving you different types of meat. And you need lots of food in the game, including for feeding your dog.

How to upgrade fishing rod in Potion Permit

potion permit fishing guide

Practice makes perfect when it comes to fishing in the game. So if you want to upgrade your fishing rod, you have to keep fishing: the more you fish, the higher the level of your fishing rod.

In order to get your first fishing rod upgrade and unlock the Intermediate Fishing Rod in Potion Permit, you need to catch 60 fish. (Simply trying to fish 60 times might be enough, but if it’s not, you must actually catch the amount of fish).


This would be my guide to everything fishing-related in Potion Permit. If you still have questions – or fishing tips – don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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