Potion Permit: How to Save Your Game? [Full Guide]

Potion Permit is extremely cute and nice, but it’s not the most bug-free game out there. As a result, saving often would prevent tons of headaches. So today we will talk about how to save your game in Potion Permit.

At the moment, the only way to save your game in Potion Permit is by sleeping in your bed, similar to Stardew Valley, for example. So the game always auto-saves your progress when you sleep, but there is no other way to save your progress in the game.

However, it won’t autosave when you quit the game. So make sure to plan your play sessions carefully in order to be able to stop playing after you sleep in order to avoid losing progress.

potion permit how to save

I mean, you don’t want to work hard on your relationship with one of the romanceable characters in the game and then lose it all, right?

It would be great if the developers would offer us an option to save when we want – or at least provide some autosaves more often – because the bugs and glitches can become really annoying and it’s not nice to see your game crash after a day of playing minigames, before sleeping.

But that’s the way it is for now, and we can only save our progress by sleeping in our bed.

Where is the save game file located in Potion Permit?

For those playing the game on PC, the location of the file is here:

Linux save game location: Steam install folder /steamapps/compatdata/1337760/pfx/

Windows save game location: Steam install folder /steamapps/common/Potion Perfect

Wrapping up

This would be my quick guide on saving your progress in Potion Perfect. Hopefully we’ll have more options in the future – although I personally doubt that the current mechanics will change.

Hopefully, the bugs will be fixed though and we won’t have to worry about potentially losing our progress due to a crash.

And now that we got this out of the way, why not continue reading more about the game and learn how to feed your dog in Potion Permit?

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