Potion Permit: How to Feed the Dog [Full Guide]

You need to take good care of your dog in Potion Permit – and that includes feeding your pet regularly. Today, I will teach you how to feed your dog in Potion Permit, as well as some workarounds in case you run into trouble.

To feed your dog in Potion Permit, you will have to call them over by pressing the whistle button (RB by default). When the dog sits, you can interact with it and feed it.

Knowing how to feed the dog is only part of the problem solved. First of all, many users report that their whistle button doesn’t work. I’ll share a fix for that immediately.

How to fix the whistle button not working in Potion Permit?

potion permit how to feed dog

If the whistle button doesn’t work – you can’t hear anything and the dog won’t come – then you are one of the unlucky few who have this problem.

Until the dev team fixes this (which is widespread and players on all platforms reported it), the only fix would be to remap the whistle button to another one.

If you are playing on PC, for example, you can bind the key to a button on your keyboard.

For consoles and controller uses, try to connect and disconnect the controller. Usually, this makes the RB work again. If not, you should try to re-bind it to another button.

Potion Permit: Dog Feeding Guide

potion permit dog

Probably most of us early on – don’t really have many food options to feed the dog. So we must talk a bit more in depth about feeding our pet dog in the game.

The easiest way to gather food without having to spend any coins is from harvesting the mushrooms that spawn in the Meadow Range area. Remember where they are, as they will keep respawning regularly.

You can also purchase various food options (have in mind that your dog has preferences, so not all foods are good for it!). Just like with other character, you will actually have to develop your friendship with your dog.

For more serious stuff, though, make sure to read my guide about the romanceable characters in Potion Permit.

Finally, once you get a bit settled, you can start fighting the Honeypaws who will drop Honey, which is a food type your dog enjoys eating.

Remember! You should always keep your dog well fed. Apart from the obvious reason that you do need to take care of your pet, if you don’t offer it any food, it won’t run as fast as it usually does, becoming pretty much useless.

You will know that your pet dog requires feeding in Potion Permit because they will start to whine at all times – and also be really slow.

Potion Permit – Can You Pet the Dog?

potion permit petting dog

Yes, you can pet your dog in Potion Permit. Simply use the whistle button and, after the dog comes near you and sits, interact with them and select the “Pet” option.

While not directly related to feeding, it’s something that many people wonder. Again, just like with the inability to feed the dog, the problem comes from the whistle button not working.

So by fixing that, you actually solve at least two potential problems with your pet.

Wrapping up

Most of the players who run into trouble feeding their dog actually do so because of the bug that prevents them from whistling.

But now you know everything you need to do to fix that problem and keep your in-game dog well fed.

If you have additional tips and tricks on keeping your dog happy in Potion Permit, let us all know by commenting below!

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