Dreamlight Valley: How to Approach and Feed Foxes

The fox is one of the critters in Disney Dreamlight Valley that players can approach, feed, and eventually tame.

After taming a fox, it will follow the player around as a pet. If you’re unsure, consider checking our guide on how to change your pet.

Keep in mind that pets are purely cosmetic and offer no practical benefits. However, they’re fun to have around since they have various unique interactions.

In this guide, I’ll explain where and when to find foxes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, mention their favorite food, and showcase how to approach and feed them.

Where and When to Find Foxes

Foxes are critters that can be found only in the Frosted Heights biome.

Foxes come in 5 variations, based on their color:

  • Black Fox
  • Blue Fox
  • Classic Fox
  • Red Fox
  • White Fox

Not every type of fox is available every time. Usually, there are two types available and they rotate based on real-life time. 

The best way to find out which color is currently available is by opening the menu, going to the ‘Collection’ tab, and then selecting ‘Critters’ from the list on the left.

How to find out which critters are currently available.

From there, scroll down to the critter of your choice (in our case the fox) and check each of the 5 foxes.

In the schedule tab at the bottom of the screen, some will say ‘All day’, others ‘Not here today’, and some will have specific hours listed for when they can be found. Keep checking this tab daily to find your favorite color.

What is the Fox’s Favourite Food

Contrary to critters from previous biomes who were happy with blueberries and raspberries, foxes are significantly more demanding.

Their favorite type of food is fish. Specifically, their favorite food is the White Sturgeon.

How to Find White Sturgeon

Fishing with Elsa for White Sturgeon in Frosted Heights river.

The White Sturgeon can be tricky to catch. It can be caught only in the Frosted Heights biome, and only on golden fishing hotspots.

The issue is that there are limited hotspots on Frosted Heights (3-4) and they take a while to respawn. This means that catching a White Sturgeon may take more than a few minutes.

Another way to find a white sturgeon is through Moana’s boat. If you’re lucky enough and have upgraded it to the max level, there’s a chance to get a white sturgeon in the loot pool.

How to Approach and Feed Foxes

White Fox sitting in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Now that you’ve caught a White Sturgeon, or decided to make do with another fish, let’s see how to approach and feed the foxes.

The key to approaching a fox of any color is persistence. When you move towards them the first time, they’ll run away. 

If you keep running towards them, eventually they’ll stop running away. It takes, on average, 4-5 times for them to run away before they become friendly and let players approach them.

After that, move close, select ‘Approach’, and feed them their favorite food.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to repeat this process multiple times before you can actually have them as pets.


Now you know how to approach and feed foxes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You’re familiar with their varying colors, as well as their very picky appetite regarding their favorite food.

If you fancy a different pet instead, consider checking our guide on how to feed raccoons in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What’s your favorite pet in Disney Dreamlight Valley? If it’s the fox, what’s your favorite color variation? Let us know in the comments below.

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