Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Change Your Pet

Pets are a fun addition to Disney Dreamlight Valley. Players can have one pet following them at any time, and there’s a wide variety of pets available in the game.

However, it isn’t clear how to change your pet or how and when do you acquire a new one in Dinsey Dreamlight Valley.

In this guide, we’ll focus exactly on that. First, I’ll show you how to unlock new pets. Then, we’ll go through how to equip your newly acquired companions.

How to Acquire New Pets in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Feeding a rabbit in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Pets are found roaming around the world. The first step is to locate the animal of your choice. Pets are tied to specific locations. For instance, the starting village has multiple squirrels, while the beach has sea turtles.

After locating the pet, interact with them by getting close and feed them. After feeding the animal, there’s a chance it will grow affectionate towards you (symbolized by a pink star). And that’s all! Now you’ve acquired a new pet.

Which Foods to Use to Acquire Pets

However, you can’t feed pets anything you want. Instead, each animal has its preferences in terms of food. Here’s what animals are looking for:

  • Squirrels – Peanuts
  • Rabbits – Carrots
  • Sea Turtles – Seaweed
  • Crocodiles – Lobster
  • Raccoons – Blueberries
  • Foxes – White Sturgeon
  • Sunbirds – Bromeliad

If you fed a pet their favorite food and still didn’t acquire it, try again the next day. You can feed each pet once per day, and eventually, it will join you. Especially some of the late-game pets will require multiple days of feeding before being convinced to join you.

For more details, consider checking our in-depth guide on how to feed animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Change your Pet

How to change pet in Disney Dreamlight Valley from the companions tab

Now that you’ve found the pet of your choice and have it tamed, let’s see how to equip it.

All you need to do is open your inventory and navigate to the wardrobe tab. From there, select the third option in the first row called ‘Companions’. You can now see all your unlocked pets and decide which one you want to be following you around.

Also, keep in mind that you cannot change your pet while you’re traveling to other realms. However, that shouldn’t be an issue. Just wait to be back at the main village and change it from there.


To sum ups, pets are a fun addition to Disney Dreamlight Valley. They can be found all over the world and each pet has its own specific biome of preference. After finding them, you can tame pets by feeding them their favorite treat.

Then, they’ll go affectionate towards you, and all that’s left is to equip them through the wardrobe tab.

Similar to pets, another fun aspect is furniture, since you can customize your home as you please. If that’s something you’d like, consider checking our guide on how to move and remove furniture in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

And that’s all. What do you think about pets in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Which is your favorite one?


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