Tower of Fantasy: Housing System Guide

The housing system, also known as Artificial Island Construction, is one of the latest additions to the Tower of Fantasy.

For the time being, it’s more of a managing system than housing, but future updates will introduce custom buildings and blueprints.

For the time being, the best players can do is farm resources, upgrade buildings, and buy some of the best stuff from the housing-exclusive shop.

In this guide, I will explain how to unlock the housing system in Tower of Fantasy, how its main features work, list all available buildings at the moment, and recommend which upgrades to prioritize.

How to Unlock Housing

To unlock the housing system, players need to fulfill one of the two following requirements:

  • Reach account level 60 or
  • Reach 840 exploration points in the new Artificial Island
Unlocking requirements for the housing system in Tower of Fantasy.

When you achieve either of those, all you need to do is interact with one NPC. Players need to find Kolador, located at Banges and follow his short questline in Artificial Island.

After progressing the quest, you’ll find the new ‘Build’ option in the Esc Menu. From there, you can access your housing system anytime, with ease.

All Buildings in the Housing System

There are 6 buildings total in the housing system in House of Fantasy and each of them serves a different purpose by providing unique materials.

Here are all the buildings and the materials they provide:

  • Development Center – Allows upgrade of other buildings
  • Machine Pod – Metal Materials
  • Pumpkin House – Fiber Materials
  • Pawpaw House – Energy Materials
  • Kitty House – Supply Materials
  • Turtle House – Renovation Materials

Keep in mind that buildings have two main functions at the moment: resource generation & unlocking new items from the shop.

How to Get Upgrade Materials 

Upgrading the Kitty House to level 2 requires and provides supply materials.

You’ve probably noticed that buildings provide only a small number of upgrade materials, especially when they aren’t leveled up. So how do you get more upgrade materials?

Of course, there’s the obvious solution of leveling up your buildings. The higher their level, the more materials they produce.

However, there’s a more efficient method that involves killing all the enemies around the island.

There’s a wide variety of enemies around the housing system, ranging from common foes to world bosses. Killing them awards a variety of upgrade materials. 

The only catch is that these enemies can only be farmed once per week. After that, you’ll have to wait for them to respawn weekly, at 5:00 every Monday.

For this reason, it is important to kill every single enemy on a weekly basis. While it can be tricky to find everything around the island, you can follow this optimal farming route to ensure you won’t miss anything.

How Does the Exchange Store Work

The map of the Artificial Island Construction with various pins.

The exchange store can be found in the housing system and allows players to exchange materials for other useful stuff. 

After accessing the store, you’ll notice many tabs on the left, one for each material. Some notable purchases are the SR and SSR relic boxes in the supply materials tab and I highly recommend buying as many as you can each week (the buy limit resets weekly). 

Here are all tabs on the left side, based on materials.

  • Metal Materials
  • Fiber Materials
  • Energy Materials
  • Supply Materials
  • Renovation Materials
  • Quality Building Materials
  • Composite Materials
  • Tech Store Tokens

Each of them offers unique rewards and I recommend checking them and deciding for yourself what you should focus on at the moment.

Which Upgrades to Prioritize?

Workshop upgrades and required building levels in Tower of Fantasy.

As we saw, there are 6 total buildings in the housing system. While the optimal scenario is to upgrade everything, limited resources require players to prioritize some over others. 

Development Center

In Tower of Fantasy, you can’t have any building at a higher level than the Development Center. If the development center is level 3, all other buildings can only level up to level 3.

Therefore, it should be the first building to upgrade, as it is the core of the housing system.

Kitty House

The Kitty House is the second most important upgrade after the Development Center. This is for two reasons.

First, the Kitty House provides supply materials per hour. With these, you can buy from the shop SSR and SR Relic shard boxes, which are extremely valuable.

If you’re not sure about Relic shard boxes, consider checking our guide on the best SSR relics in Tower of Fantasy.

Second, upgrading the Kitty House to level 5 allows players to craft the Crow manuscript, one of the best matrices for DPS teams.

Pawpaw House

The Pawpaw should be the third option, right after the Development Center and the Kitty House.

The main reason here is that upgrading the Pawpaw House to level 5 will allow players to craft the Samir manuscript. This is another great option for DPS teams.

However, if you fancy other manuscripts and want to experiment with team combinations, take a look at the shop and decide what to upgrade from there.


And that’s all you need to know about the housing system. There are a lot of details at first, but managing everything is actually fairly easy.

All you need is to decide which buildings to upgrade, farm enemies on the island for materials, and buy out whatever you need from the shop.

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What do you think about the housing system? Are you excited about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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