Payday 3: Touch The Sky Stealth Guide

Touch the Sky is one of the hardest heists to complete on stealth in Payday 3 and it will require a lot of patience.

This is because it’s full of guards and you’ll need to constantly move around the building and complete multiple objectives while remaining undetected.

In this Touch the Sky stealth guide, I will explain how to complete Touch the Sky on Overkill difficulty in Payday 3 without raising any alarms and escape with the loot.

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Touch the Sky Stealth Guide – Blue Keycard & Hack the Smartphone

Touch the Sky stealth guide in Payday 3.

To complete the Touch the Sky on stealth in Payday 3, start by heading up the stairs and getting in the vent. Turn right, then instantly left, and exit the vent to the statue room.

Touch the Sky stealth guide in Payday 3.

Move through the railings and head right. Wait for a guard to pass by and pick up the blue keycard from his back.

Touch the Sky stealth guide in Payday 3.

Head down the stairs on your right, turn right instantly, and head straight to find the balcony. Find an officer there with a phone on their back, and you can hack the smartphone to gain a QR code.

Head to the far left side of the balcony and enter the last door. Go right and you’ll see the blue keycard door that you can unlock. Kill the guard there to disable the cameras in Touch the Sky.

Now find the stairs and head up to reach the master bedroom.

How to Access the Master Bedroom

Touch the Sky stealth guide in Payday 3.

To access the master bedroom, stand outside the room and interact with the panel. Then, you’ll need to stand on five marked spots around the map until the bar is full to hack the wifi and unlock the bedroom.

There are multiple spots around the map, so make sure to select ones where there are no guards or civilians nearby.

Next, enter the master bedroom. To find the switch for the vault, interact with the books near the bed until something clicks. Then, you can interact with the panel at the back of the room. You’ll reveal the vault but you don’t have the code yet.

Touch the Sky stealth guide in Payday 3.
Head to the hallway shown by the arrow to find the filing room.

Now, you need to access the filing room. Head right from the bedroom, and look for the large statue in the middle.

Just behind it, there’s a locked room where you can use the QR code you got earlier by hacking the smartphone. In one of the drawers on the back, you’ll get the red keycard in Touch the Sky.

For the next step, you must unlock Mason Laurent’s office. You can see its location as it’s a main objective. Head inside and push the button under the desk.

To progress in this Payday 3 Touch the Sky stealth guide, you need to find the Panic Room. Head straight out of the office, go down the stairs on your right and turn right. In the statue room, wait until a civilian leaves the door on your left and pick up the Fake VIP Invitation from his back.

Touch the Sky stealth guide in Payday 3.

Keep following the civilian, poison the drink behind the bar, and ring the bell. Head back to the stairs and wait.

Mason will drink the poison from the bar and come straight to you within the next minute. Take him up the stairs and bring him to the objective while making sure you’re not spotted by the guard.

Touch the Sky Stealth Guide – Open Mason’s Personal Vault

Touch the Sky stealth guide in Payday 3.

To open Mason’s personal vault, check the whiteboard inside, and memorize all four codes. Next, leave the office and follow the objective marker back to vault.

With your UV flashlight, check which buttons have been pressed recently and select one of the four codes from before that matches those numbers. Open the safe, take the drive, and follow the objective marker again back to the office.

Touch the Sky stealth guide in Payday 3.

Once it’s decrypted, you’ll need to secure the drive. Move to the marked elevator and drop the drive there. Now you can either escape, or go back to the two vaults (bedroom and office) where you can pick up more money and jewelry.

Wrapping up

To summarize this Touch the Sky Stealth guide in Payday 3, that’s everything you need to know on how to complete this heist on overkill while escaping undetected.

Especially if it’s the first time you’re completing this, you can expect significant rewards in terms of infamy levels, money, and weapon XP.

Would you say this is the hardest stealth heist in the game? Which part was the trickiest for you? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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