Payday 3: Dirty Ice Stealth Guide

Are you looking to rob Ashton Fine without triggering any alarms? This Payday 3 Dirty Ice stealth guide has you covered.

Dirty Ice is a fairly complicated robbery that’s split into multiple parts. However, it is definitely possible to complete with stealth and is overall considered one of the most consistent stealth missions if you want to farm money.

In this Dirty Ice stealth guide for Payday 3, I will explain how to rob the Ashton Fine jewelry store without triggering any alarms and taking all bags, even in Overkill difficulty.

Before moving on, check out our guide on the best Payday 3 stealth build. Without the right skills and equipment, you will have a hard time sneaking by on this mission.

Dirty Ice Stealth – Store Front

Dirty Ice stealth guide in Payday 3.

The first place you’ll need to rob is the storefront since you can only do it without putting your mask on. Thankfully, it’s very easy as long as you have the right skills (Secure Loop and Social Engineering).

With these skills, hack the one camera, and stay away from the patrolling guard. Then, you can simply picklock all the jewelry cases and nobody will bother you. Once you are done with the one side, hack the other camera.

Just make sure to pick up jewelry only when you’re safe. If it says “Observed” do not pick it up yet. Move around a bit until you’re no longer observed.

Place all jewelry bags behind the pillar next to the Jewelry Workshop door (see image above) and leave them there for now.

Dirty Ice Stealth – Manager’s Office & Basement

Dirty Ice stealth guide in Payday 3.

Now, head to the back of the store and drop down to a small alley with a camera and a guard patrolling there.

Let the guard or camera spot you, and they will escort you out of the building. As they escort you, they’ll unlock various locked doors.

After they lead you out, you can head back in through the alley door where you dropped down at first.

Dirty Ice stealth guide in Payday 3.

Go up the stairs and the first door on your left will be the manager’s office. Access the computer to see where the basement code is located; there are three options:

  • Lunch Room – On the whiteboard
  • VIP Room – On the book on the left (If it’s in the VIP room, you’ll find a phone with a QR code either in the manager’s office or in the bathroom, which is the last room in the left hallway).
  • Front of the Store – On the Employee of the Month frame (behind the manager)

Keep in mind that if you restart the mission, the basement code will be the same so you can skip this step next time.

Head to the basement (from the door you entered the building) and insert the code. Navigate to the door on the corner of the room, avoid the guard and the camera, and pick the lock.

Dirty Ice stealth guide in Payday 3.

Once inside, you’ll find a Red Keycard, a lever, and a Safe. Make sure to open the safe and take a picture of the documents there, as you’ll need them to unlock the Jewelry Workshop. Pick up the keycard and pull the lever. With these secured, head back up.

Dirty Ice Stealth Guide – VIP Room, Vault, & Workshop

Dirty Ice stealth guide in Payday 3.

For the next step of this Payday 3 Dirty Ice stealth guide, head to the hallway outside the manager’s office. Equip your mask, hack the camera there, and kill any guards patrolling the area. On Overkill difficulty, I’ve had to kill four guards.

Just make sure to kill them one by one and hide any bodies in the bathroom. Additionally, tie one employee that’s roaming the area and use them to open the vault.

If you don’t know how, check out our guide on where to find the vault buttons in the Dirty Ice heist in Payday 3.

After opening the vault, head to the VIP room. To get the Dirty Heist QR code, navigate to one of the following locations:

  • In the manager’s room.
  • In the bathroom.
  • Behind the store in the alley.
  • In the break room.

Use the code to access the VIP Room and hack the camera there. Tie down the civilian inside and head back to the manager’s office. Use the phone on the desk to blackmail the manager and she’ll come to the VIP Room.

Grab the manager and use her to open the Jewelry Workshop. Tie her down right after. Now you’re free to loot the VIP Room and place all the jewelry in the Multi-Tag scanner in the Workshop.

Don’t forget to unlock the front door of the Jewelry Workshop, so you can pick up the bags that you looted from the front of the store.

Loot everything and escape through the back when you’re done.

Wrapping up

To summarize this Payday 3 Dirty Ice Stealth guide, you can rob all jewelry from Ashton Fine without triggering a single alarm, while also gaining the maximum reward since you’re scanning the jewelry first.

Did you manage to complete this heist easily? What’s your favorite stealth heist in the game? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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