Payday 3: Best Stealth Build

Are you looking to consistently complete heists without raising any alarms? Let’s go through the best stealth build in Payday 3.

Stealth focuses on sneaking past civilians, guards, and cameras, and obtaining all the loot undetected. While stealth isn’t an option in every heist, most of them can be completed without raising any alarms.

In this stealth build guide for Payday 3, I will focus on the best weapons, loadout equipment, and skills for stealth.

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Best Stealth Weapons

Best stealth build in Payday 3 - best stealth weapons.

For stealth, there are no weapon recommendations as you most probably won’t have to shoot at all. The only thing to keep in mind, in case you have to shoot, is to equip your primary or secondary pistol with a suppressor.

If you have to shoot, you don’t want the whole street to find out.

Best Stealth Loadout Equipment

Best stealth build in Payday 3 - best stealth loadout.

In terms of the best equipment for Stealth, there are certain things to keep in mind:

  • Deployable: Doesn’t matter as all of them are for choosing to go loud.
  • Overkill Weapon: Doesn’t matter as all of them are for choosing to go loud.
  • Armor Lining: Standard Lining as it gives the fastest movement speed of all.
  • Throwable: Throwing Knives since it allows for some stealth kills. All other throwables are for loud, except maybe flashbangs with the right skills.
  • Tool: Microcam or Motion Sensor. It’s mostly personal preference as both are useful. ECM Jammers are fairly weak without upgrades but they can also be used.

Overall, make sure to use Standard Lining Armor, Throwing knives, and any tools that you prefer. The rest don’t matter.

Best Stealth Build Skills in Payday 3

Best stealth build in Payday 3 - best stealth skills.

The most important part of stealth is using the right skills. Here are the best stealth build skills in Payday 3:

  • Infiltrator (Aced): Gain Rush when a guard begins to detect you.
  • Quick Fingers: If you have Rsuh, a successful lockpick skill check will immediately pick the lock.
  • Grifter: Gain Rush when you have your mask off and are within 1m of a civilian. Aced effect (not needed): with a mask on, intimidate any civilians in a 10m range.
  • Walk the Walk: Cameras can’t detect you while you have Rush and are unmasked.
  • Hacker: Allows you to hack cameras and access CCTV footage. Not that useful on its own but its following tree skills are extremely useful.
  • Secure Loop: Forces a camera to go through a loop, meaning you can run past it without getting detected. One of the best skills to get first in Payday 3.
  • Glitch Protocol: Distracts a guard by hacking their radio. This causes the guard to stop any action they’re doing for five seconds, including escorting or restricting a player. It’s a get-out-of-jail card that’s essential for stealth.
  • Strategist (Aced): Allows you to mark two extra targets and your marks last 40% longer. This can be helpful when sneaking through guards and cameras, as it allows you to mark everything in a small area.

Other optional skills if you have skill points to spare include Open Mic, Social Engineering, and Slippery. They aren’t necessary but can be helpful in the right scenarios.

Best stealth build in Payday 3 - best stealth skills.

With these perks, you’ll be able to take more risks without having to worry as much about guards, cameras, and civilians finding you.

You’ll be able to navigate around enemies and private areas safely. This build is ideal for stealth missions such as No Rest for the Wicked and Dirty Ice.

Keep in mind that certain missions, like Road Rage, cannot be completed with stealth and require going loud.

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Wrapping up

To summarize, the best stealth build in Payday 3 focuses on using Hacker and Grifter tree skills to prevent civilians, CCTV cameras, and guards from detecting you.

With the right movement and equipment, as well as sufficient map knowledge, you’ll be able to consistently complete heists without raising any alarms.

Do you prefer stealth or loud gameplay overall? Which maps have you managed to complete with full stealth? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


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