Best Weapons in Payday 3

Are you looking for the best gun that will help you complete a heist loud even in Overkill difficulty? Here are the best weapons in Payday 3.

Overall, the best weapons stand out due to high damage and accuracy. Even with low-level mods, they will make it significantly easier to take down enemies and you’ll be able to clear assaults more easily.

In this guide, I will list the five best weapons in Payday 3 that you should level up and modify early to be able to clear even Overkill-difficulty heists.

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Best Payday 3 Weapons to Upgrade First

Payday 3 includes 17 unique weapons to choose from, ranging from pistols and shotguns to assault rifles, SMGs, and snipers.

For this list, I will focus only on default weapons, which you can then modify yourself further. Preset weapons will not be included.

Weapons stand out due to high damage and accuracy, as they are able to take down normal and special enemies alike quickly.

Of course, the best weapon will depend on your playstyle and whether you prefer to get close to the enemies with a shotgun or snipe them from afar.

Without further delay, here are the best weapons in Payday 3:

5. SP Model 11

Best weapons in Payday 3 - SP Model 11.

SP Model 11 is the best handgun in Payday 3 as it offers the highest damage of all pistols and has an increased magazine of 10 bullets.

The only downside is its high recoil as it packs quite a punch. However, in times of need where your primary weapon is out of bullets, the SP Model 11 will get the job down without issue.

4. Reinfeld 880

Best weapons in Payday 3 - Reinfeld 880.

If you’re a shotgun fan, the Reinfeld 880 is a prime choice. As a pump-action shotgun with a large magazine and high damage, it’s able to one-shot enemies from up close and even from mid-range if you aim for the head.

The best part is that it’s unlocked fairly early and with a few mods, it can become even stronger.

3. SA A144

Best weapons in Payday 3 - SA A144.

The SA A144 is the best early-game weapon in Payday 3. It’s a semi-automatic rifle that stands out due to its high damage and accuracy.

Even without mods, the basic weapon is able to one-shot most enemies with a headshot. It’s accurate in medium to long ranges (especially if you add a scope), and it’s going to be your best ally for the early game if you’re planning to go loud.

2. SG Compact-7

Best weapons in Payday 3 - SG Compact-7.

The best SMG in the game is the SG Compact-7 as it combines a high fire rate, solid accuracy, and good damage. If you’re planning to get close to enemies and want to spray them all down, this weapon is a great option.

However, as with most SMGs, it depends a lot on mods and it will require leveling it up before it has a chance to shine.

1. VF-7S

Best weapons in Payday 3 - VF-7S.

The best weapon overall in Payday 3 is the VF-7S assault rifle which resembles the famous SCAR rifle. It stands out due to its amazing overall stats.

The VF-7S has high damage, controllable recoil, is stable and highly accurate, and has a rapid rate of fire.

With enough mods and upgrades, this weapon will help you take down even the toughest enemies.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, these are the best weapons in Payday 3 that manage to stand out due to damage, accuracy, and overall stats.

For the early game, your best choice is the SA A144, while for the late game I recommend the VF-7S. Of course, weapon c choice varies based on your play style, so I’ve made sure to include a great shotgun and a useful pistol on this list.

What’s your favorite weapon in the game? How many weapons have you managed to unlock so far? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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