Heroes Awakening Quirk Tier List: Best Ones to Choose

Choosing the best quirks for your character in Roblox Heroes Awakening is essential if you want to make sure that you build the perfect one.

To make things easier for you, I am creating this Quirk Tier List for Heroes Awakening, ranking all the quirks in the game from best to worst, so that you can choose the one you like the most.

Do have in mind that play style will most likely influence your choice and you might not end up agreeing with my picks… but if you don’t really know where to start, this is definitely the place to be.

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With all these in mind, let’s jump straight into checking out the best quirks in Heroes Awakening!

Roblox Heroes Awakening – Quirks Tier List

There are currently 17 quirks in Heroes Awakening, and you can see them ranked below from best to worst: Tier S quirks are the super-powerful ones, while Tier C are those I wouldn’t bother taking.

Heroes Awakening – Tier S Quirks

The quirks below are the best and listed in no particular order. Check out their description and choose the one that fits your style of play better:

Half-Cold Half-Hot (HCHH)

This is the best in my opinion, flawlessly mixing fire and ice skills for massive destruction. Here are the abilities you get from this quirk (and their cost):

  • Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall (50 Stamina)
  • Wall of Flames (100 Stamina)
  • Ice Slide (700 Stamina)
  • Fire Tornado (700 Stamina)
  • Devouring Flames (800 Stamina)
  • Freezing Spikes (900 Stamina)

AFO – AMAZING Legendary Quirk

afo legendary quirk heroes awakening

While this one doesn’t seem amazing at first, with just 4 abilities, it’s really OP. Here’s what to expect (and Stamina costs):

  • Enhanced Air Cannon (50 Stamina)
  • Finger Strike (240 Stamina)
  • Air Flight (400 Stamina)
  • Void Pull (350 Stamina)

One for All (OFA)

OFA Quirk in Heroes Awakening

A really good quirk and a fans’ favorite already, perfect for PvP if you’re mostly into that. Here are the abilities and their cost:

  • Delaware Smash (50 Stamina)
  • Ultra Jump (200 Stamina)
  • St. Louis Smash Air Force (450 Stamina)
  • Smash (450 Stamina)
  • Full Cowling (400 Stamina)

Zero Gravity

This is not an easy one to play, but if you invest a bit of time into mastering it, I am sure you will see how extremely useful it is. Here are the abilities coming with it and the costs:

  • Skill Release (50 Stamina)
  • Meteor Shower (150 Stamina)
  • Pressure (450 Stamina)
  • Gravity Flight (800 Stamina)

Heroes Awakening – Tier A Quirks

I think that skilled players can put these quirks to good use in Heroes Awakening, although they’re not my top choice.


  • Explosive Fist (50 Stamina)
  • AP Shot (400 Stamina)
  • Blast Rush (700 Stamina)
  • Howitzer Impact (800 Stamina)


  • Blue Embers (50 Stamina)
  • Wave of Fire (150 Stamina)
  • Blazing Doom (600 Stamina)
  • Flight (800 Stamina)


  • Ice Spikes (50 Stamina)
  • Ice Slide (700 Stamina)
  • Ground Freeze (900 Stamina)


  • Electric Shock (50 Stamina)
  • Dash (40 Stamina)
  • Electric Drop (250 Stamina)
  • 1M Voltage (350 Stamina)


  • Erase (50 Stamina)
  • Full Erasure (600 Stamina)

Heroes Awakening – Tier B Quirks

To be honest, I would stay away from these quirks unless I am really trying to experiment. There are much better options available out there.


  • Cement Strike (50 Stamina)
  • Raining Pillars (150 Stamina)
  • Cementation (500 Stamina)


  • Decay Grab (50 Stamina)
  • Decay (250 Stamina)
  • Area Shatter (500 Stamina)


  • Invisibility (50 Stamina)

Air Propulsion

  • Air Smash (50 Stamina)
  • Air Burst (250 Stamina)

Heroes Awakening – Tier C Quirks

The worst quirks to get in Heroes Awakening at the moment. Unless these get massively updated, they’re pretty much useless.

These Tier C quirks are: Hardening, Gigantification, Heal, Super Strength and Naval Laser.


Now you know which are the best – and the worst – quirks in Roblox Heroes Awakening. Make sure to check you the guide to leveling up fast in Heroes Awakening in order to make getting these quirks a lot easier.

And if you would rank them differently, let me and everybody else know by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below.

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