Payday 3: Dirty Ice Buttons – Where to Find Them

Are you trying to rob the jewelry store Ashton Fine while also opening the vault? Here’s where to find the vault buttons in the Dirty Ice heist in Payday 3.

Opening the safe is not mandatory to complete the heist but since you’re there, why not take as much jewelry as possible?

In this Payday 3 Dirty Ice heist guide, I will explain where to find the buttons to open the vault in the Ashton Fine jewelry store.

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How to Open the Vault – Payday 3 Dirty Ice Heist

How to find the vault buttons in Dirty Ice Payday 3.

While robbing Ashton Fine, you’ll notice a deactivated vault in the backside of the store, just next to the VIP area. To open the vault in Dirty Ice, you’ll need to press two buttons at the same time.

This is hinted at the manager’s computer; it says that the only way to open the vault is to push two buttons simultaneously.

However, many players have been struggling with locating the buttons. Let’s see where to find them.

Where to Find the Vault Buttons in Dirty Ice

How to find the vault buttons in Dirty Ice Payday 3.
First button location in Payday 3 Dirty Ice.

The one button is located on the manager’s desk, while the other is the keycard reader next to the safe and requires the red keycard.

How to find the vault buttons in Dirty Ice Payday 3.
Second button location in Payday 3 Dirty Ice.

Thus, while the game says two buttons, only one of them is actually a button and the other is a keycard reader.

This means that you either need a friend with you to press the button while you’re inserting the keycard, or civilian hostage since you can force them to push the button temporarily.

To use a civilian to push the button, use them as a human shield (default hotkey: F) and move right next to the button. Push them toward it (default hotkey: Q) and they’ll start pressing it.

As for how to find the Red Keycard in Dirty Ice Payday 3, go to the manager’s room and access the PC to find the basement password. It’s usually the employee of the month code or the wi-fi code written in the lunch room.

Use the code to access the basement and picklock a door in the corner. Within that door, you’ll find the lever that disables the security case alarm and the red keycard.

As for rewards, the vault includes one extra bag of rare stones that has the double selling price of jewelry. It’s definitely a worthy addition to your loot haul.

With the vault open and the extra loot obtained, call the heli escape and get ready to transfer all the bags. If you’ve taken every piece of jewelry from the display cases (front store, manager’s room, and VIP room), you’ll have collected all the bags.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, to open the vault in Dirty Ice Payday 3, find the two buttons and press them at the same time.

As for the buttons’ locations, one is a red button on the manager’s desk and the other is a keycard reader found right next to the vault that requires the red keycard from the basement. Just make sure to use a civilian or a friend, as the buttons need to be pressed simultaneously.

Did you manage to open the vault? What do you think about the rare stone you got as a reward? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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