Payday 3 Under The Surface – Where to Find Flash Drive

While looting the art gallery in Under The Surface, you’ll need to locate a flash drive that will allow you to access the Uma LAdette painting and complete the mission. Let’s see where to find it.

Overall, the flash drive is hidden away in a safe, in the Manager’s Office, right behind his desk.

In this guide, I will explain where to find the flash drive in Under The Surphaze Payday 3 to help you complete the mission and escape from the art gallery with all the loot.

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Where to Find the Flash Drive in the Under The Surface Heist in Payday 3

How to get the flash drive in Under the Surphaze Payday 3.

As you’re looting the gallery in the Under The Surphaze heist, the main objective will require you to get the Uma Ladette painting.

To access this painting, you will need to find and use a Flash Drive first but the game doesn’t reveal much regarding where to find it.

To find the Flash Drive in Under The Surface, navigate to the Manager’s Office and look at the wall behind the desk. There will be a removable panel on the bottom side, which you can open and reveal a safe.

How to get the flash drive in Under the Surphaze Payday 3.
Interact with the removable panel, just left of the crosshair.

As for where to find the Manager’s Office, it’s on the second floor in one of the back hallways. Additionally, there’s a chance to find a phone there with a QR code, which is essential for unlocking the exhibition rooms.

To unlock the safe in Payday 3, start rotating the lock in one direction until it starts shaking. Slow down and move slowly in the same direction until it turns green. Once it turns green, stop for a few seconds and wait to hear the click.

Then, move in the opposite direction and repeat. You’ll need to do this a total of three times. If you move past the green point, you’ll need to start all over.

Where to Use the Flash Drive

How to get the flash drive in Under the Surphaze Payday 3.

Now that you have the flash drive in Payday 3, explore the gallery until you find the Uma Ladette Painting. It will be in one of the exhibitions but it’s random every time.

Once you find it, the main quest will update and will require you to use the Flash Drive there.

Once you use the Flash drive, you’ll be able to loot the painting and transfer it to the heli. With that, you’ll be able to complete the heist and escape.

Just make sure to loot as many other paintings as possible to maximize your rewards. There are exhibition rooms on both the first and second floors. If you’re struggling with QR codes, the best place to find them is all the staff rooms in the back hallways.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, to find the Flash Drive and complete the Under The Surface heist in Payday 3, look in the manager’s office, at the wall behind the desk.

You’ll find a safe there and once you open it, you’ll get the Flash Drive. In turn, this will allow you to steal the Uma Ladette painting, which is the main objective of this heist.

Did you manage to steal every painting? What do you think about the Under The Surphaze heist? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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