Fae Farm: How to Make Money Fast

Are you looking to get rich fast and make thousands of Florins easily in the early game? Here’s how to make money fast in Fae Farm.

The best money-farming method in the game involves mining rough gems, crafting them into polished ones, and then selling them.

In this guide, I will explain how to make money fast in Fae Farm early on by explaining how to optimize this method and make over 10.000 Florins on every 15-minute run.

Before moving on, one of the best ways to make this method more efficient is by being able to fast travel to the mines. Thus, make sure to check out our guide on how to unlock fast travel in Fae Farm.

Best Way to Make Money in Fae Farm

How to make money fast in Fae Farm.

The best way to make money in Fae Farm is by navigating to the Saltwater mines, mining Rough Aquamarine and Rough Peridot, crafting them into Polished Gems, and then selling everything at the produce stands.

To make the most out of this strategy, start by crafting a dish that increases Mining Efficiency. The best early-game option is the following:

  • Fish and Mushroom Soup (+2 Mining Power, +2 Mining Efficiency): 2x Fish Fillet, 3x Sliced Shellfish, 3x Sliced Mushrooms

Also, progress the mines and unlock the seal at level 15, since this is where you want to start. Once you’ve done this, enter the mines, fast travel to level 15, and start mining only the gems.

It’s important to start at level 15 to have the most efficient run.

You’ll get some Rough Peridot in the first few floors, but you’ll mostly end up with Rough Aquamarine and Rough Topaz. Your goal is to start at level 15 and reach all the way to level 24 while mining only the gems.

Once you’ve gathered all the gems until level 24, leave the mines, save the game, and select “Quit to Title” from the menu.

Once you’re at the menu, select “Continue” to go back to your session. You’ll be just outside the mines but now, all the gems will have respawned!

Rinse and repeat, until the day is over or you’re satisfied with the gems you have.

How to Craft Polished Gems to Maximize Profit

How to make money fast in Fae Farm.

Head back to your farm with all the gems in your inventory and craft a Gem Polisher.

Now head to the Gem Polisher and convert all the gems into Polished Gems. It takes 10 rough gems to create one polished. As for selling prices, they are the following:

  • Polished Peridot: 188
  • Polished Aquamarine: 250
  • Polished Topaz: 313

Lastly, list everything for sale at the produce stands available and go to sleep. Once the day ends, you’ll earn thousands of florins.

Depending on how many runs you did before selling, you may be unable to sell all your gems in one day but that shouldn’t be an issue.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, the best way to make florins in Fae Farm is by mining Rough Aquamarine and Rough Topaz, converting them into Polished Gems, and then selling everything at produce stands.

Just make sure to farm only the gems in Floors 15-24 and reset your game afterward to make everything respawn. With enough stamina, you’ll be able to complete this run even three times in one in-game day.

How much money have you made so far? What are you planning to buy first? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Before leaving, now that you’ve reached floor 25 of the saltwater mines, check out our guide on how to complete A Watery Wonder quest and get Steamed Fish in Fae Farm.


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