Payday 3 Rock the Cradle Stealth Guide

Are you looking for the best heist to farm for quick weapon XP? Here’s our Rock the Cradle stealth guide for Payday 3.

While you can aim to loot every bag, the most profitable method is entering the mission, stealing the crypto wallet, and leaving within five minutes. Rinse and repeat for maximum profit in terms of weapon XP and money.

In this Rock the Cradle stealth guide for Payday 3, I will showcase the best way to steal the crypto wallet from Neon Cradle and escape without raising any alarms even in Overkill difficulty.

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Rock the Cradle Stealth Guide – Enter VIP Room

Rock the Cradle stealth guide in Payday 3.

To get started, queue up for the Rock the Cradle heist on your own (you can bring friends along if you want but it’s not needed) and set the difficulty to Overkill.

Since we’ll only focus on stealing the crypto wallet, this is the best way to maximize money and XP profits.

The first step to complete Rock the Cradle in Stealth is to enter the VIP Room. First, rush into the main building from the side entrance on the right, run through all the side rooms (if you run, cameras won’t spot you in time), and at the end take a left.

Once you reach the Neon Lounge Bar, run behind the bar and crouch behind the bartender. This will alert the two guards in the VIP room to your location. Crouch behind the curtain and go around the bar to avoid the guards.

As they’re checking the one side, you can sneak behind them. Pick up the blue keycard from the belt of the one guard and use it to access the now unguarded VIP room.

Normally, to open the VIP room, you need to hack the manager’s phone but this method will save you a lot of time.

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Rock the Cradle Stealth Guide – Steal the Crypto Wallet

Rock the Cradle stealth guide in Payday 3.

Once you’re in the VIP room, head down the stairs. Unlock the first door on your right with the blue keycard you picked up. Don’t mess with the panels yet and go straight through the vent.

Mask on and head right through the small railing path. After passing through the office and reaching the stairs, head down and instantly turn left to access the vent (as shown in the above picture).

Drop in the room and be careful of the guard. Leave the room and turn right while following the hallway to reach the main VIP room area. Once you’re out, enter the first door on your right, which is the bathroom.

At the end of the bathroom, enter the vent and check the whiteboard for the electrical facility and the switch color. Memorize the combination.

Go back the exact way you came until you reach the blue keycard room with the panels. Select the panel with the number you saw on the whiteboard, and flick the switch with the color you also saw.

Go back through the same path again through the railing, the stairs, and the vents to reach the bathroom again. After crossing the first railing, use the PC in the office to unlock the IT Room.

Once you’re in the bathroom vent, jump into the whiteboard room and the vault with the crypto wallet will be on your right. Pick up the crypto wallet and you’re ready to look for a way out.

If you don’t want to mess with the switches, you can also lure the accountant in Rock the Cradle by interacting with the phone in the Maintenance room.

Lastly, secure the wallet in the marked area (which is randomly selected so make sure to keep sneaking around) and then escape on the marked escape area (also randomly selected).

Wrapping up

To wrap up this Rock the Cradle stealth guide, this is the best method to rob Neon Cradle as quickly as possible while escaping with the crypto wallet undetected.

If done right and repeated multiple times, this is even considered one of the best methods to farm weapon XP in the game as it can be completed on Overkill difficulty.

What’s your favorite heist so far? Do you prefer stealth or loud? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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