IGN Has Acquired Humble Bundle

In an unexpected turn of events, the video games media giant IGN has announced today that they’ve acquired Humble Bundle. The finer details of the deal have not been disclosed, but this could be potentially big news for Humble Bundle.

Humble Bundle, as most know, is a digital distribution service where you get to pay what you want for a nice collection of software. Humble Bundle started out in 2010 selling indie game bundles that were carefully curated and that’s how it became so popular. The early bundles contained stellar games for very low prices, and soon enough Humble Bundle went on to start selling books, audiobooks, PC software, and more. They’re still mostly known for their great video game bundles though.

The best part about this is that everyone wins! When you’re making a purchase through the Humble Bundle website, you can decide how your money is split. You can set how much goes to the developers, Humble Bundle themselves, and charity. Gamers got some awesome games while charities were getting much needed donations.

But what does this buyout mean for the future of Humble Bundle? Jeffrey Rosen, CO-founder and CEO of Humble Bundle released an official statement today saying that they chose IGN because “they really understand our vision, share our passion for games, and believe in our mission to promote awesome digital content while helping charity.” Rosen goes on to assure that Humble Bundle will remain as it is today, and nothing major will change.

Unfortunately, while this sounds all good, the community has already spoken up about their doubts. Fans are concerned about the conflict of interest for a video games journalism site combining forces with a digital distribution platform. Since IGN is part of the games being sold now, they have a financial interest and investment in them. Nobody expecting anything drastic to happen short-term, but many are already concerned for the future of Humble Bundle.

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