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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Brings New Modes and All Fighters


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is coming January 16, 2018! This updated rerelease features all of the character season passes from the original game plus all-new modes, including the titular Arcade Mode, Extra Battle Mode, Gallery, and more!

Now, before you yell “Capcom said they wouldn’t do this anymore! No more “super turbo hyper edition” rereleases,” it’s important to keep in mind that all of the new game mode related content will be released as a free DLC pack for owners of the original game. Capcom promised from the beginning that they wouldn’t do new DLC in the old style of updated rereleases, and they’re planning to stick to that.

Of course, this means that players of the original game will still have to purchase the character passes if they want to immediate access to the new fighters. We think this is a pretty fair way of doing things, so we encourage it! Diehard Capcom fighter fans remember the announcement of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 coming not even a year after the release of the original game, so we’re glad we’re not going to have anymore of that nonsense.

So to recap, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will net you both season 1 and 2 fighters plus the new modes, and the game will retail for $39.99 USD. If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to jump into the fray, now’s a great time! The announcement trailer doesn’t really show anything new besides Ryu and Akuma duking it out, but we do get some cool up close shots of various fighters.

The newest and most exciting addition has to be the second V-Trigger. Each fighter will receive a new V-Trigger upon the DLC’s release, drastically increasing the amount of strategy and approaches you can make in the game. This is similar to Street Fighter IV’s eventual inclusion of two ultra combos that players could choose between before the fight started. We’re excited to see what new abilities the fighters will have!

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