Genshin Impact: Best Bow for Childe

Childe/Tartaglia is one of Genshin Impact’s most unique characters. This is due to his highly-technical playstyle that heavily relies on team synergy.

Optimizing rotations between all characters is key to achieving high DPS with the Snezhnayan Harbinger.

In addition, according to our latest 3.0 tier list for Genshin Impact, Childe is one of the best DPS characters in the game.

Due to that, choosing the right Bow for Childe is an essential part of mastering this character. Unfortunately, the free-to-play bows are not great options. In this guide, I’ll go through Childe’s best bows based on his role as a burst or main DPS.

While the most optimal playstyle is as a Burst DPS (ult & a few auto attacks), many players opt to use him as a main DPS (longer on-field time). Depending on the playstyle of your choice, different weapons are recommended.

Main DPS Childe Best Bows

Childe character portrait in Genshin Impact.

These bows require longer on-field time to maximize their passive and shine when Childe is used as a main DPS.

1. Polar Star

With a very solid base attack stat, a useful Crit Rate substat, and an amazing passive, Polar Star has it all. Since it scales while Childe remains on-field, Polar Star is his best weapon when played as a main DPS.

2. Thundering Pulse

Thundering Pulse is an overall great addition to Childe since its passive is fairly easy to trigger. It favors longer rotations and can out-damage Skyward Harp if played properly to utilize its passive.

3. Any other 5-star (Except Elegy for the End)

Childe is convenient to build since he can utilize almost any 5-star bow like Skyward Harp, Hunter’s Path, and Amos’ Bow.

Just make sure to read their passive and substat to adjust your playstyle and artifacts accordingly.

4. Viridescent Hunt

This is a 4-star bow that can be acquired via the Batte Pass. It offers great stats and a solid passive that buffs Childe’s damage while he stays on the field.

Burst DPS Childe Best Bows

Childe sitting on a ledge in Dragonspine.

These bows allow Childe to deal the most damage in small rotations and utilize his kit to its maximum potential. In general, Burst DPS Childe has higher damage potential compared to using him as a main DPS.

1. Aqua Simulacra

Aqua Simulacra is Childe’s best option if used as a burst DPS. It offers an unconditional damage buff and an exceptionally high Crit damage substat.

Keep in mind that when using Aqua Simulacra, you should build your artifacts to make up for the lack of Attack and Crit rate stats.

2. Thundering Pulse

Thundering Pulse is an equally good opinion for both Main DPS and Burst DPS Childe.

Trigger its passive quickly and swap characters. For more details, see the Thundering Pulse entry above.

3. Mouun’s Moon

Weekly boss Childe final form in Genshin Impact.

This is considered the best 4-star bow for Childe since it increases his Elemental Burst damage based on the party’s energy costs.

Childe teams usually have high energy requirements, which maximizes Mouun’s Moon efficiency.

Keep in mind that you should highly prioritize Crit Rate and Crit Damage substats on your artifacts.

4. Stringless

Its effect can be confusing since the Elemental Skill damage only applies to the first hitting after switching stances.

Other than that, it provides a significant buff to Childe’s burst damage, making it one of the best 4-star weapons for him.

5. Any other 5-star (Except Elegy for the End)

Similarly to main DPS Childe, the Burst DPS builds can also utilize almost any 5-star bow.

As long as you play around their passives and build around their substats, 5-star bows can be highly efficient on Childe.


To sum up, Childe’s best bow depends on his role either as a main or burst DPS. In general, in both cases, Childe can utilize each of the 5-star bows.

There are some exceptions where 4-star bows can outperform certain 5-stars. It all depends on optimizing rotation, team synergy, and artifact substats. 

If you enjoyed reading this guide, check out our guide on Fischl’s best bows in Genshin Impact.

Which bow are you going to use? Are you using Childe as a main or burst DPS? Let us know in the comments below.


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