Genshin Impact Tier List

Genshin Impact keeps improving and becoming better and better with each patch. That means that the most powerful characters will constantly change. But I am here to keep you up to date with this Genshin Impact tier list.

Before you read any further, take a moment to guess which characters will be the best and on the top tier list. Make sure you share your option in the comments section below.

Genshin Impact Tier List: Best Characters in the Game

Everything comes to personal preference. At the end of the day having fun is crucial.

If you’re having issues like high ping or low fps which might be ruining on the fun of Genshin Impact, fix them by using this guide.

But when it comes to winning and being the best in the game, this is the Tier List of Genshin Impact.

SS Tier  

The top and the best characters in the game! If you want to be the strongest and most powerful, check them out:

GanyuRaiden ShogunRaiden Shogun
Aratakki IttoKazuhaKokomi
Hu TaoYelanBennet
Raiden ShogunXingqiuYelan

   S Tier

These characters have a very good role and can fit into almost every type of battle situation.

They have the potential for becoming a core member but still are lower than the higher tier.

TartagliaFischlKujou Sara
TighnariYae MikoVenti
Yun Jin

A Tier

These characters have potential and can do a solid performance when played properly with their roles. They are still lacking in lots of aspects but are still pretty useful at times.

KokomiKaeyaKuki Shinobu
YanfeiKuki ShinobuTraveler 

B Tier

The characters that are placed inside the B tier are functional. That is the best term for them. They can be used in various situations but most of the time not useful at all.

FischlShikanoin HeizouRosaria

C Tier

The characters here are occasional. You will only get to use them on certain types of occasions. Other than that they are very limited in their skills and provide no usage.

AloyTraveler GeoTraveler Geo
Yun JinTraveler AnemoNingguang

What Character Is The Best in Genshin Impact?

Kazuha can be considered as being the best character in Genshin Impact.

This is based on many votes that players have had about the characters of this game, and I also agree with them. 

Kazuha offers very versatility and is extremely fun to play as. On top of all that, his lore and background make him a joy to travel around within the amazing world of Sumeru.

Kazuha is beloved by many people because of his amazing Swirl ability. He can damage literally everything and everyone around him. 

This means that he can provide exceptional crowd control. Crowd control is something that a lot of characters lack in Genshin Impact making Kazuha a must in almost every team combo.

What Character Is the Best Since the 3.0 Update?

Since the new patch has come we have seen new characters being added. One of the most favorite and beloved ones has become Tighnari.

Tighnari is an extremely fun character to play as and because he’s brand new it means that you can discover a lot about him as you go.

He is a big Dendro DMG user which makes him crucial in almost every team combination that you might use.

When you play Tighnari you will want to rely on his massive damage-dealing skills. He can one-shot a lot of the enemies that are found in the world.

His only weakness, but could be argued against, is that he is weak when fighting multiple big enemies.

Check out this build that I’ve created for him and he won’t have any weaknesses at all!


That sums it up! Here you will be able to find all the characters stacked up against each other. 

As you might expect, this is subject to change. So keep yourself posted and keep checking this article out after every update that you’ll see in Gensin Impact. 

I will keep updating it as they come.

What do you think of my tier list in Genshin Impact? Did I stray far off and made some mistakes or do you agree that these are the most useful characters in the game? Let me know in the comments below. 

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