Genshin Impact: How to Farm Mourning Flower & Kaveh’s Ascension Guide

If you want to plan early for Kaveh’s ascension in Genshin Impact, farming Mourning Flowers should be on top of your list of priorities. You will need plenty of these (plus other materials) – but I am here to help!

Up to version 3.5, there is no way to farm Mourning Flowers in Genshin Impact. Unofficial sources show that with 3.6, Sumeru will get an extension, and with that extension Mourning Flowers will appear on the map in various locations.

Genshin Impact revealed that with version 3.6 a new 4-star character would be added to the game’s roster.

Kaveh will be a new Dendro unit, and since we are currently through version 3.5 many people will want to pre-farm materials.

In this guide, I will go over how to farm Mourning Flowers and the rest of the materials needed to ascend Kaveh upon his release, in Genshin Impact.

Because aside from the Mourning Flowers, any given character will need many different materials to ascend, and informed players can have everything else they need by the time Kaveh is released.

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Kaveh’s Ascension Materials in Genshin Impact

World Boss: Dendro Hypostasis


To ascend Kaveh to level 90, you need to defeat the Dendro Hypostasis boss located in the deserts of Sumeru. (Similar to Geo Hypostasis boss)

South of Dar Al-Shifa, you will see a lone teleport point. Once there you, jump down the cliff and turn left, into the giant cave system. There are even the Four-Leaf Sigils in the air to help you get there faster.

You will need to collect 46 Quelled Creeper drops from the boss.

Ascension Level Quelled Creeper Required
40 -> 50 2 Quelled Creeper
50 -> 604 Quelled Creeper
60 -> 70 8 Quelled Creeper
70 -> 8012 Quelled Creeper
80 -> 9020 Quelled Creeper

Ascension Crystals: Nagadus Emerald Gemstone


Aside from the boss drops, characters require gemstones that correspond to their Elemental Visions.

In Kavehs case, he will need Dendro Gemstones. These Gemstones have three ways to be acquired.

  • Completing daily commissions, and getting the lowest grade by random chance
  • All rarities are dropped by the Dendto Hypostasis and the Jadeplume Terrorshroom (Drops are scaled to your World Level)
  • In the crafting recipes, you can convert other Element Gemstones with Dust of Azoth (you can purchase it in increments of 10 for 5 Stardust in the Shop)
Ascension Level Gemstones Required
20 -> 401 Nagadus Emerald Sliver
40 -> 50 3 Nagadus Emerald Fragments
50 -> 606 Nagadus Emerald Fragments
60 -> 70 3 Nagadus Emerald Chunk
70 -> 806 Nagadus Emerald Chunk
80 -> 906 Nagadus Emerald Gemstone

Character Enchancment Material: Fungi Drops


The Fungi were introduced back with the Chasm. Originally they could only drop Crystalline Cyst Dust in all its rarities, but with the release of Sumeru back in 3.0 their drops changed.

From 3.0 onward, they have a chance to drop one of two different drop items. The one we are interested in is the Crystalline Cyst Dust and all its rarities.

To get these drops, you will need to defeat the Fungi using only the following elements.

  • Dendro (Bloom)
  • Hydro (Bloom, Frozen, Swirl)
  • Cryo (Frozen, Swirl)
  • Anemo (Swirl)
  • Geo

These elements and the reactions listed will drop the materials you want. If either Electro or Pyro hits the enemy the drops will change, and you will get Robust Fungal Nucleus and its rarities.

Aside from enemies, you can purchase them monthly from the Stardust Shop.

  • You can buy 15 Fungal Spores in increments of 3, for 5 Stardust
  • You can buy 16 Luminescent Pollen, for 5 Stardust
  • You can buy 25 Crystalline Cyst Dust in increments of 3, for 5 Starglitter (which is not really worth it, and you can use the Sarglitter for either Wishes or Constellations)


In conclusion, these have been all the materials you can pre-farm, for Kaveh’s ascension so far in the game.

Even if you can’t get the Mourning Flowers yet, gathering everything else will make the process easier.

Also, looking at the release updates of the past, 3.6 will most likely release two new artifact sets. This way if you like the artifacts, you can have the resin to farm them instead of gathering materials for Kaveh.

If you are interested to know more about the meta of the game, check out our Genshin Impact tier list which was updated to reflect 2023.

Let us know in the comments down below, if you plan on pulling on Baizhu as well in 3.6 or if Kaveh is the only husbando you have your eyes on.


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