Fallout 4 Save Game Download: Almost 100% Completion

I am back to you with a hot download for Fallout 4: a save game file that is close to 100% completion of the game (you still have to play a little bit), with a crazy character – MC_RIDE, a rude and loud character that fits perfectly in the postapocalyptic world of the Commonwealth.

Plus, you get some incredibly nice weapons and equipment pieces, as well as close to 100% completion on your game, so you don’t have to do all the dirty work.

Best part? You can change your looks to whatever you want and keep on playing even after completing the game. So consider this as a shortcut to greatness!

How to download and install the Fallout 4 100% Save Game File

Click here to download the save file.

Extract the zip folder and copy the content into Documents -> My Games -> Fallout 4 (or if you move the file only, copy it into the next directory -> Saves).

Now you can restart the game and continue the adventure. This Fallout 4 save file keeps you close to the 100% completion number and gives you access to settlements, as well as unique weapons and apparel.

Credit goes to Stefan Burnett for creating this save game file (mine is coming soon, so stay tuned!)

Here are a couple of screenshots of your zany character in this Fallout 4 Save Game download that’s close to 100% completion:

fallout 4 save game download 100
fallout 4 save game download 100 1

Have fun exploring the wastelands now, as a high level character with good weapons!

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