Fallout 4 Mod Download: Homemaker – Expanded Settlements

Some people are complaining that the new Settlement building feature in Fallout 4 turns the game into The Sims – Wasteland Edition, but there are a lot more who absolutely love this new system. And since it’s completely optional, I see no reasons to complain.

But those who love the settlement building feature will absolutely love this mod: Homemaker – Expanded Settlements. As the name suggests, it adds a ton of options and items to settlement building, allowing you to create true work of arts that will impress anybody.

For the the settlement builder, the Fallout 4 mod Homemaker is a must have. It’s amazing!

Homemaker is a mod that greatly expands on the vanilla crafting system for settlements, and adds over 800 new, fully-balanced objects to craft, ranging from cars, to refrigerators to working street lights and everywhere in between!

The mod also features a new Institute build set, with placeable snapping walls, floors, stairways and more! Whether your a mad scientist, longing for the good ol’ days, just trying to scratch out a new living in the wastes, or a sadistic raider, Homemaker has something for you and it’s completely amazing, as I have already said.

fallout 4 homemaker featured

How to download & install this mod

1. First, you will have to download the Homemaker – Expanded Settlements mod here.

2. Extract Homemaker.esp and Meshes folder to your Fallout4\Data folder

3. Enable file folders in your Fallout.ini file. Check out this link for more information (or use a mod manager, like the Nexus Mod Manager available on the website).

Load order:

The recommended load order for the mod is as follows:

Homemaker – Unlocked Institute Objects.esp
Safe SSEx.esp (if you use SSEx)
Homemaker – SSEx Compatibility.esp (if you use SSEx)
Other Mods

4. This is it! You can now let your creative juices flow and get the most out of settlement building in Fallout 4!

Here are more screenshots of the mod

fallout 4 homemaker 1
fallout 4 homemaker 2
fallout 4 homemaker 3
fallout 4 homemaker 4

As you can see, there are quite a few new things that you can build in the game (and the screenshots didn’t cover them all!) Just give it a try. You’ll now lose even more hours developing your Fallout 4 settlement(s)!

Credits: NovaCoru, FO4Edit, Nifskope, Jayrun, DaytonaNZ, Draco856, Arthancourt.

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