This Fallout 76 Cheat / Glitch Gives You Infinite Carry Capacity / Weight

There are many bugs that make your life difficult in Fallout 76, but this one is actually really useful. So good that you can almost consider it a cheat: this Fallout 76 glitch gives you infinite carry capacity!

With everybody (or most of the people) running around overencumbered and constantly dropping extremely useful junk items, this Fallout 76 infinite carry capacity / weight ghlitch / cheat that I am sharing with you today is definitely coming in handy.

So, if you want to never worry about your carry weight in the game, this is what you have to do (at least until Bethesda patches this bug):

1. Craft any piece of Light Armor at any Armor Workbench in Appalachia
2. Add the “Pocketed Mod” to the armor piece you have just created

Note: If you already have a Pocketed armor type, you can skip the first 2 steps.

3. Equip the armor you have just created, then quickly equip and unequip it and a bug will activate, decreasing your maximum carry weight each time you do this.

4. Do this over and over again until your character’s carry weight goes on the negative. It might not be enough for it to just go down by a few points – you should go for around -100 carry capacity.

This is when you no longer want to do this thing any more, and you can safely run around Appalachia collecting all the junk and weapons and items that you come across, never getting overencumbered. And it will look something like this:

fallout 76 infinite carry capacity glitch

This is also a good method to grab all those heavy weapons and armor pieces that you can sell to merchants everywhere for some decent caps!

This glitch will only remain active during a single play session. If you log off a server or quit the game, when you log back in everything will (or at least should) be back to normal, with your carry capacity reset to actual values.

You have to go through this process again in order to reactivate this infinite carry capacity cheat.

Now, this is definitely a bug or a glitch in the game and something that Bethesda doesn’t want us to use. If you decide to use it, you’re doing so at your own risk: this might break the game if you end up carrying too much or there might be repercussions from the developers if you use this.

Most likely, this will be fixed sooner rather than later, so if you want to give it a go and enjoy infinite carry capacity in Fallout 76, then now it’s the time to do so.

And with so many annoying bugs and glitches in the game (like the one I recently mentioned where my entire Camp disappeared), we can only hope that Bethesda won’t be too harsh on players using this one. Or at least deliver a decent inventory and Stash capacity sooner!

This glitch was originally shared on YouTube by RGD5Impact and you can check it out in action here. And remember: it’s always a risk associated to using these glitches… so do it only if you really think it’s worth it!

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