Fallout 76: How to Invert Mouse

I personally know nobody who plays their games with their mouse inverted, but as long as there’s an option for that in games, I am sure people use it.

Sometimes by mistake, like it was my case when I mistakenly activated the invert mouse (invert Y) option in Fallout 76 and had such a horrible time finding where to disable it from.

When your mouse is inverted, it means that if you move the mouse to the left, your character looks right, when you move it up, your character looks down and so on.

Extremely annoying for somebody who is used to playing otherwise. But the same can be said for somebody who’s used to play with their mouse inverted.

Either way, it doesn’t really matter why you need to activate or disable the invert mouse option in Fallout 76. I’m here to tell you where you can find it and how to do it. It’s really easy.

All you have to do is to go to the Settings option in the main menu. If you are already in the game you activate it by looking at the map (default key M) and hitting Z.

Once in the Settings menu, go to the “Game” menu and simply switch the Invert Y option on or off to invert mouse in Fallout 76:

fallout 76 invert mouse how to

I have inverted my mouse in Fallout 76 during the beta, after going through the menus before getting into the game itself. It was the first time I was playing Fallout 76 and I though I’d have a mini heart attack:

I thought that this is how we’re expected to play, especially because I searched for the option to turn this off in the Controls menu.

But eventually I managed to find this option and in case you either did it like I did it myself: by mistake, or if you really want to invert your mouse in Fallout 76, you know now how to do it.

Calin Ciabai

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