Fae Farm: Flower Bed Guide – How to Plant Flowers

Are you interested in planting something different than crops? In this Fae Farm flower bed guide, let’s examine how to plant flowers.

Many quests will require flowers and some even need you to bring hybrid flowers. Thankfully, the process is fairly similar to farming crops, so you’ll be able to master it in no time.

In this flower bed guide, I will explain how to plant and grow flowers in Fae Farm, as well as how to get mulch and craft flower beds.

Combine this with our guide on the best crops to plant in Fae Farm and you’ll have the best and most efficient farming setup possible.

How to Plant Flowers in Fae Farm – Flower Bed Guide

How to plant flowers in Fae Farm - how to craft flower beds.

To plant flowers in Fae Farm, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Craft Flower Soil Beds and place them anywhere on your farm. Each bed requires 1x Oak Log, 1x Silt, and 1x Mulch. If you don’t have the crafting recipe, it means you haven’t picked up all three materials at least once.
  2. Purchase seeds from Rosalind, who can be found in the East Town, just on the right of the main plaza. From her, you can buy Red Rose Seeds, White Lily Seeds, and Yellow Tulip Seeds. Later in the game, once you unlock the Elven Village, you’ll also be able to buy flowers from Asphodel, which sells Blue Hyacinth, Green Zinna, and Magenta Trillium.
  3. Plant the seeds in your Flower Soil Beds and water them daily.
  4. Keep watering them daily until they grow.
Visit Rosalind to buy seeds in Fae Farm.

The best part about flowers is that they’ll keep regrowing after harvesting and you don’t need to buy more seeds.

Keep in mind that while you can place the flower beds in any way that you like, there’s a specific layout if you want to also grow hybrid flowers. In that case, place three flower beds in a row so that you can leave an empty slot in the middle.

For more details, check out our guide on how to make pink flowers in Fae Farm.

Also, similar to crops, you don’t have to water flowers on rainy days.

As for their growth time, you can see how long each flower will take to grow when purchasing seeds. To increase growth time or yield, you can also consider using fertilizer.

How to Get Mulch and Craft Flower Beds in Fae Farm

How to plant flowers in Fae Farm - how to craft flower beds and get mulch.
Dig these leave piles to get Mulch in Fae Farm.

The only tricky part in planting flowers is finding Mulch since it’s only available in one specific location. To get Mulch in Fae Farm, navigate to the Spooky Woods area (top-right of the map), and you’ll be able to find it there by digging.

Once you get one piece of Mulch, you’ll unlock the Flower Bed recipe and be able to start crafting flowers.

Alongside Mulch, you’ll be able to find Button Mushrooms and Acorns in the same area, which are great early-game food sources (better than berries).

Wrapping up

To summarize this flower bed guide in Fae Farm, you can farm flowers by crafting flower beds and placing seeds in them. Water them daily until they grow into flowers.

If you don’t have the flower bed recipe yet, make sure to collect Mulch which can be found by digging in the Spooky Woods.

What’s your favorite flower in the game? What do you think about flower farming overall? Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

Before leaving, if you’re trying to progress the main storyline, check out our guide on how to get Steamed Fish and complete A Watery Wonder in Fae Farm. This is one of the hardest early-game quests unlocked once you reach the bottom floor of the saltwater mines.


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