Fae Farm Fishing Guide

Are you looking to catch some fish and use them to make various dishes or sell them for money? This Fae Farm fishing guide is exactly what you’re looking for.

To catch fish, progress the main story until you unlock the fishing rod and cast your line near any fish you spot in any water source. Jiggle your lure to attract the fish and reel it in without breaking the line.

In this fishing guide, I will explain how to fish in Fae Farm and how to upgrade your fishing rod to help you easily catch any fish you want.

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Fishing Guide – How to Fish in Fae Farm

Fae Farm fishing guide - how to catch fish.

To fish in Fae Farm, progress the main story until you meet Eddie and he gives you a fishing rod for free. With the fishing rod in your tools slot, follow these steps to start catching fish:

  1. Equip your fishing rod from your tools slot.
  2. Find a body of water and look for fish.
  3. Cast your fishing rod (hold LMB) in a way that it lands in front or close to the fish you want to catch.
  4. Once the fish is looking at your line, jiggle the lure until the fish locks in. On your first tap, as long as it’s in front of the fish, you’ll get its attention. On the second tap, it will bite. Rarer fish may require you to jiggle multiple times.
  5. Once the fish bites, start reeling in. While the fish is looking at you, keep holding A/LMB on Xbox/PC to reel it in. While it’s looking away from you, tap the reel button to prevent it from getting too far away without breaking the line. Once the line turns red, stop reeling immediately.

Keep in mind that some fish like Sardines will require extra patience and a lot of back and forth in terms of reeling and waiting.

Also, Fae Farm includes a wide variety of fish and some of them are season and location-exclusive.

While you can catch rare fish with your basic fishing rod (as long as you’re patient enough, in this Fae Farm fishing guide, I highly recommend upgrading your fishing rod early at least once.

It will make your life significantly easier when catching common and rare fish.

How to Upgrade Fishing Rod in Fae Farm

Fae Farm fishing guide - how to catch fish.

To upgrade your fishing rod in Fae Farm, you’ll need to increase your fishing level, collect the required gold, and speak with Eddie. Specifically, here are all the fishing rod upgrades and their requirements:

  • Sturdy Rod: 1,000 Gold & Fishing Lv. 3.
  • Advanced Rod: 2,500 Gold & Fishing Lv. 5.
  • Master Rod: 5,000 Gold & Fishing Lv. 7.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to upgrade each rod in order. You can’t buy the Master Rod directly after reaching Fishing Lv. 7. You need to buy the Sturdy one fish, then upgrade to the Advanced one, and then to the Master.

Each fishing rod will make it easier to catch fish by making your fishing line more durable.

Wrapping up

To summarize this Fae Farm fishing guide, you can unlock the fishing rod by progressing the story. You can then catch fish by spotting any fish in the water and casting your rod near them. Just make sure to stop reeling once the line turns red.

Don’t forget to upgrade your fishing rod once you’ve leveled up fishing enough, since it will make catching fish significantly easier.

What do you think about fishing in Fae Farm? What’s your current fishing level? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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