Sims 4: Pet Treats Guide – How to Make & What Treats Do

Sims Cats and Dogs you gained the ability to turn your love of animals into a career. In this guide, I will go over what treats do, and how to make them in The Sims 4.

Most players will have a pet at home, and up to this expansion they could only take care of it. They are adorable indeed, but at some point, you might have gotten the need to do more for pets.

With the Cats and Dogs expansion, you will be able to open a vet clinic, grow your Veterinarian skill, and create unique pet treats that affect your pets differently. 

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Veterinarian Skill in The Sims 4


Before starting to make your own pet treats you will need to have the Veterinarian skill unlocked.

To get the Veterinarian Skill, you will need to either open your own Vet Clinic or use the Medicine Craft-o-matic machine.

There are two ways for Sims to open their own Vet Clinic.

  • You can use your phone, click on the household button at the bottom, and then choose to buy a vet clinic.
  • You can also click on the small cash register at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen next to your Sim’s needs, and then choose to purchase a vet clinic.

Once you open your Vet Clinic, other Sims will start to come in with their sick pets. As you go about your examination on the exam table or treatment on the surgery machine you will grow your Veterinarian skill.

If you don’t want to go down this route, you can also use the Medicine Craft-o-matic machine at home. By using the Medicine Craft-o-matic machine you will create medicines and treats.

However, this process can be really slow if done at home, rather than you would with a Vet Clinic.

Here is a breakdown of all the Veterinarian skill levels.

LevelUnlocked treatsOther unlocks
2Swampwater Taffy
Cooler than Liquid Nitrogen
Nutrition Bar
“Meow Mailbox” available for purchase
“Postman Beware” mailboxes available for purchase
3Scorching Cinnamon Chew“Raise Your Paws” pet-themed wall decal
4The Stinkinator“I WANTS IT” pet-themed wall decal
Player can administer Feelgood Serum as a pet treatment
5Wellness Treat“Jolly Day” pet-themed wall decal
Players can soothe pets being examined (works faster than calming, but can only be done once per examination)
bonus vet clinic perk points
6Age-Up Treat
Age-Down Treat
“Run Pug Run” pet-themed wall decal
7Poop Randomizer“Everyone’s Best Friend” pet-themed wall decal
8N/A“Ode to Yarn” pet-themed wall decal
9N/A“Jolly Day” pet-themed wall decal
Players can perform lubricate tail-wagger joint surgery
Bonus vet clinic perk points
10Ambrosia Treat“Best Vet Door” available for purchase

These were all the basics of the Veterinarian skill, and the unlocks for The Sims 4.

List of Pet Treats and How to Use Them in the Sims 4


There are a total of 10 different pet treats players will be able to make, and they all provide different effects to your animals.

Here is a breakdown of all the treats, and their effects.

Pet TreatEffect
Cooler than Liquid Nitrogen Nutrition BarThis treat gives your pet blue skin and will be cold as a result
Swampwater TaffyThis treat can give your pet a “Super-Duper Swamp Mouth” illness
Scorching Cinnamon ChewThis treat may give your pet a glowing red nose and glowing red feet
The StinkinatorThis treat will make your pet smell, they may need a bath after eating this treat
Wellness TreatThis treat can make your sick pet well again. It also can reverse the side effects the other treats have on your pet
Age Up TreatThis treat will make your pet age up, if they are a puppy/kitten they will age up to an adult, if they are an adult they will age up to an elder
Age Down TreatThis treat will make your pet age down, if they are an elder they will age down to an adult, if they are an adult they will age down to a puppy/kitten
Poop RandomizerThis treat will make your pet go poopThis treat will make your pet go poop.
Ambrosia TreatAfter your pet dies, you can give them the Ambrosia treat to bring them back to life

Now that you know what treats do, let’s go over how to give them to your pet.

When you play with your pet, you will have the option to give your pet a treat and it would cost $5 simoleons to do so.

If you want to give your pet, one of the treats you purchased from the vet clinic, you must have them in your inventory. If you have the treat in your inventory, you will notice when you click to interact with your pet you can choose to give a Vet Treat.

After that depending on the treat you will get the listed effect.

Final Thoughts

Pets are a staple in the Sims series, and they are beloved both to have with you as a companion, and to become a Veterinarian, and take care of them.

If you want to know how to play as your pet, and not just take care of it, check out our full guide on how to play as your pet in The Sims 4.

With all you need to know about treats laid out for The Sims 4, do you plan on going down the Veterinarian path, or are you more of a stay-at-home pet parent? Let us know in the comments down below, how many pets you have in your Sims life.


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