Facepunch Studios Announces New Sandbox Game S&box

Facepunch Studios, creators of what is possibly the ultimate sandbox game Garry’s Mod, has announced their next project. Officially titled S&box – we like that name a lot – this game utilizes the Unreal Engine 4 to deliver a smooth sandbox experience. The description on the main website makes it seem like it’s really tailored to developers who made cool stuff in Garry’s Mod.

The studio promises that you won’t ever need to dabble in C++ nor will you have to wait for code to compile. You can even keep the game open while you’re developing! It sounds really cool and it sounds like a potential successor to Garry’s Mod, but they were discussing previously that Garry’s Mod 2 would be its own thing.

S&box was originally to have been built on top of the Source 2 engine, but with Valve’s current stance of seemingly stepping away the game development scene, it’s unlikely now. Source 2 hasn’t been released to developers yet and it probably won’t be for some time.

Facepunch Studios have already written up a Dev Blog entry, and you can read it here. You can learn about the ins and outs of the engine and how it handles various things. S&box is currently a prototype, so it’ll be some time before we get something substantial.

S&box is also capable of recreating Source 2’s level design options. You’ll be able to create platforms with the simple drag of a mouse click, and watch things snap together automatically. Check out a small demonstration below.

The original Garry’s Mod was a sandbox dream for curious and imaginative players. Soon after players figured out how to develop their own games, Garry’s Mod became the ultimate hub for wacky minigame modes like Trouble in Terrorist Town, Prop Hunt, and more. We’re hoping S&box, with its improved tools, lets players create some even crazier games!

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