Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to find Blue Star Lilies

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a very fun game that will make you relaxed but it sometimes has some very difficult quests to finish that don’t have any description on them.

That is the case with the Blue Star Lillies. Stay tuned to see how to find them.

The Blue Star Lillies are a type of flower that you are able to collect in the beautiful amazing world of Disney Dremalight Valley.

They are blue, as you thought, and fairly hard to locate.

You won’t need any special types of tools to be picking up flowers in this game, so simply the location will be enough for you to find them.

In this guide, we will be talking about the Blue Star Lillies and how you are able to find them. Let’s get started.

How to find Blue Star Lillies in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Minni Mouse is present among all of the NPCs in Disney Dreamlight Valley. She is regarded as one of the most helpful NPCs in the experience. 

You will get simple assignments from Minnie Mouse that will just take a few moments each to do. And the vast majority of her missions include flowers in some way.

To finish the quest of The Language of Flowers you will need to get Blue Star Lillies. 

The location of the Blue Star Lilies is in the Forest of Valor. If you want to get there you can go ahead and check out our guide, since it takes a process of unlocking it.

You are supposed to get a total of:

  • 6 Blue Star Lilies

Once you have them all you will go back to Minnie and interact with her. This will get the quest to complete and you’ll get on Minnie’s good side and level up the friendship status.

How to find Blue Star Lilies without unlocking the Forest of Valor map

You will need to get to the bridge with the tree stumps on it. Then when here, you can actually see the Blue Star Lilies on the other side of the bridge.

Go into the Furniture or Building mode and then proceed to move the camera past the bridge. You can actually pick up the Blue Star Lillies and move them next to you.

It is kind of a cheaty way to get it this way, but just in case you don’t have enough money and you don’t know how to make some, you can do it. 

How to Finish the Language of Flowers

To finish the Language of Flowers you will need to gather all of these ingredients and have them in your inventory:

  • Minnie’s Special Flower Pot – she will give you this item, so you should have it
  • 4 Red Bell Flowers – you will look for them on the other side of Forest of Valor
  • 1 White and Red Hydrangea – you can find them in Dazzle Beach
  • 6 Blue Star Lilies – shown above in the article

Craft the Flower Arrangement at a Crafting Station using the flowers you’ve gathered, and then present it to Minnie once you’re finished.

She will express her gratitude to you and then ask you to give it to Mickey. After you have done so, the quest will be complete after you have one more conversation with Minnie.


That should be it! This is all that you should know in order to be able to find Blue Star Lilies in the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Remember that Minnie is one of the coolest and sweetest characters in the game. Having a high-level friendship status with her will grant you many rewards.

I hope that this guide has provided you with the things necessary on how to find Blue Star Lillies and complete Minnies quest – The Language of Flowers. Have fun!

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