Cookie Run: Kingdom Best Black Lemonade Cookie Toppings Build

Black Lemonade is an Epic Cookie released on July 21, 2023. In today’s guide, I will showcase the best Black Lemonade toppings, and build, in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Black Lemonade’s best build focuses on dealing significant damage, debuffing enemies’ ATK, and DEF, and making the enemies take bigger critical hits by increasing allies’ CRIT DMG for up to 10 seconds.

Here is a breakdown of what we will go over. I will showcase her best toppings to use, and the best team that will fully utilize what she has to offer. I will also explain how her skill works.

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Black Lemonade Skill Explained


Back Lemonade’s skill is called “Electrifying Rock!” and it’s an amazing skill that debuffs enemies greatly while also dealing big damage.

upon activation, this skill targets the enemy with the highest HP (while targeting Cookies first). It inflicts Zap and applies debuffs that increase CRIT DMG the enemy receives and decreases their DEF. She then deals damage to the nearby enemies and inflicts a debuff reducing their ATK.

After the attack lands, she grants the Electrifying Rock Spirit buff to the team and strengthens her next regular attacks to target the enemy with the highest HP and enemies near them.

When Ally Cookies with the Electrifying Rock Spirit buff, deal Zap damage or a critical hit, their Electrifying Rock! charge increases. Once the Electrifying Rock Spirit buff is fully charged, they deal additional damage to enemies.

Lastly, while Black Lemonade Cookie is using her skill, she will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.

Suffice it to say the skill can do almost everything a damage dealer wants, while also inflicting debuffs, and granting buffs.

Black Lemonade Best Toppings


The best toppings for the Black Lemonade Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom are one of two sets. You can either go with the 5x Searing Raspberry or with the 5x Solid Almond.

By going 5x Searing Raspberry you will increase her damage, making her a really strong damage dealer for your team, especially if you have a Cookie that is capable of keeping your team consistently healed.

On the other hand, you will use 5x Solid Almond which provides +5% DMG Resist, if you want Black Lemonade to survive, and apply both buffs and debuffs, without worrying about keeping her alive.

In terms of substats, focus on DMG Resist, and Cooldown.

Best Black Lemonade Team in Cookie Run Kingdom


The best team for the Latte Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom involves using the following units:

In terms of toppings, use 5x Solid Almond for Hollyberry Cookie (DMG Resist substats), use 5x Choco Chip set for Rockstar Cookie (CD Substats), use 5x Choco Chip set for Shining Glitter Cookie (CD Substats), and lastly use 5x Solid Almond for Parfait Cookie (DMG Resist and CD substats).

As for treasures, use the Dream Conductor’s Whistle, the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, and the Sleepyhead’s Jelly Watch (or the Squishy Jelly Watch). Of course, if you don’t have those, use any alternatives available with similar stats.

Final Thoughts

Black Lemonade can offer a lot to players that get her, and she will be an asset to a lot of teams.

Make use of her buffs to the party, while maximizing the damage increase her debuffs provide.

If you are interested in finding out more about different cookies, check out our guide on the best Latte Cookie build, in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Now that I have gone over the best Black Lemonade toppings, and build, in Cookie Run Kingdom, have your thoughts on her changed. Let us know in the comments down below if you already have her or if you plan on pulling for her.


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