Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Get “The Thing”

“The Thing” is the best melee weapon in Jagged Alliance 3 and getting your hands on it will significantly improve your mercs’ melee combat capabilities.

To get it, talk to Boss Blaubert in his mansion south of Fleatown after earning his trust and rescue Luigi from the Good Place prison. Then, side with Boss Blaubert and kill Luigi and his bodyguard. In the bodyguard’s dead body, you’ll find “The Thing”.

In this guide, I will explain how to get “The Thing” machete in Jagged Alliance 3 by showcasing all the quests you need to complete.

Combine the best melee weapon with our tier list of the best mercs in Jagged Alliance 3 and you’ll have the most optimal squad available.

How to Get “The Thing” Machete in Jagged Alliance 3

How to Get The Thing Machete in Jagged Alliance 3 - Meet Boss Blaubert.

To get “The Thing” in Jagged Alliance 3, players will need to progress the main story until they meet Boss Blaubert, who is located in his mansion just south of Fleatown.

First, players will need to interact with him and earn his trust. After a while, Boss Baulbert gives out a quest requesting to save a prisoner named Luigi from the Good Place prison.

The prison is located near sector L6, just southwest of Port Cacao. As this is a breakout mission, you should be prepared for combat. Defeat all the guards and the Warden named the Jackhammer. The best way to defeat him is by using grenades.

After defeating the warden and deciding to spare him, he will let you free any prisoner you want. For this part, you’ll need to locate Luigi.

How to Find Luigi in the Prison

How to Get The Thing Machete in Jagged Alliance 3 - Free Luigi from The Good Place.

Starting from the Warden’s office, head to the back of it and inside an underground tunnel. Within that tunnel, you’ll find Luigi and various other prisoners.

There, you can free as many of them as you like. Definitely free Luigi as it’s needed to progress the quest and get “The Thing”, and then you can free any other prisoner you want.

After freeing him, Luigi will run back to Boss Blaubert’s Mansion and you’ll need to follow him there.

However, Luigi will turn against Boss Blaubert and they’ll start fighting. Here, you’ll need to pick a side.

Should you Side with Luigi or Boss Blaubert in the Showdown?

How to Get The Thing Machete in Jagged Alliance 3 - Side with Boss Blaubert, kill Luigi's bodyguard Joseph, and loot him.
Kill and loot Luigi’s bodyguard Joseph to get “The Thing” machete in Jagged Alliance 3.

During the Showdown, it’s essential to side with Boss Blaubert if you want to get “The Thing”. Help Boss Blaubert and defeat Luigi and his bodyguard Joseph to complete this quest.

Loot Luigi’s bodyguard Joseph after taking them down and you’ll get “The Thing” from his body.

Keep in mind that if you decide to side with Luigi, you won’t be able to get “The Thing”.

Wrapping up

To sum up, players can get “The Thing” in Jagged Alliance 3 by meeting Boss Blaubert, progressing his quest to free Luigi, and then siding with Boss Blaubert during their encounter.

Loot Luigi’s bodyguard named Joseph after killing him and you’ll get your hands on the most powerful melee weapon in JA 3.

To which character are you equipping the machete? What do you think about melee combat overall in the game? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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