How to Hire Militia in Jagged Alliance 3

Training and hiring militia in Jagged Alliance 3 is a great way to get some extra firepower to help your main squad.

Players can hire militia after freeing the Village of Ernie by using a merc with a high leadership stat to train militia.

In this guide, I will explain how to train and hire militia in JA 3 and showcase if you can move militia in the game.

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How to Train and Hire Militia in Jagged Alliance 3

How to Train and Hire Militia in Jagged Alliance 3.

To hire militia in Jagged Alliance 3, you need to train them first. Start by freeing Ernie Village on sector H2 and then follow these steps:

  • Open the Strategic Map Screen (hotkey: M) and go to the Operations tab.
  • Select Militia Training Operation.
  • Select the Trainer of your choice and pay them $1,000 to start training.

And that’s all. Keep in mind that it’s highly recommended to select a trainer with a significantly high leadership stat such as Kalynka, Hitman, or your own custom mercenary.

Also, you can select two trainers to make the process go faster, but it will cost an extra $1,000.

After waiting for the required time for the training to be complete, you can hire militia from the same menu simply by paying their salary.

Can You Move Militia in Jagged Alliance 3?

How to Train and Hire Militia in Jagged Alliance 3 - Can you move militia?

After training, unfortunately, there is no way to redistribute or move militia in Jagged Alliance 3.

While it was available in previous games and you could balance your militia squads after enemy attacks, there is no way to do that in JA 3.

Since you’re training them in a specific area, they will be able to defend only that area and remain stationary there.

Wrapping up

To sum up, players can hire militia in Jagged Alliance 3 after liberating the Village of Ernie by navigating to the Operations tab, selecting Militia Training, and using a high leadership mercenary to train them.

Then, they can hire training militia by spending the required amount of money and that’s all. Now you have a trained squad that can defend important areas you have liberated.

What do you think of the militia mechanic? Which merc are you using to train militia? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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