Contraband Police: How to Transfer Prisoners

While inspecting cars, you’ll come across drivers carrying contraband. These should be arrested immediately and put in custody.

However, your prison is fairly small, with a starting capacity of three prisoners. Due to that, you’ll have to transfer prisoners almost daily.

To transfer prisoners, interact with them from the prison cell to have them moved to the police car. Then, drive the car to the Labor Camp and talk to the NPC in charge.

In this Contraband Police guide, I will explain how to transfer prisoners step by step and showcase what to do with any contraband found.

If you’re just starting in the game, consider checking out our guide on how to find hidden stashes. It’s a great way to make some early-game money fast.

How to Transfer Prisoners to the Labor Camp in Contraband Police

Contraband Police map.
Contraband Police map.

Transferring prisoners is an essential part of the progression in Contraband Police. If your jail is full of prisoners, you won’t be able to arrest more without worrying about them escaping easily.

Thus, at the end of the day, when your prison is full or almost full, you will have to transfer prisoners.

To do that, go to the cell and interact with each prisoner and select the option “Transfer to police car”. Then, get into the car and drive to the Labor Camp, which is on the bottom left corner of the map.

Keep in mind that while driving from your base to the Labor Camp with prisoners, there’s a high chance to get attacked by smugglers who will try to free their comrades.

In these cases, you can either keep running and take some damage to your car, or stop and fight them if you’re feeling confident. If you kill them all, you’ll get an extra money reward.

When arriving at the Labor Camp, interact with the guard in the middle and select “Transfer all prisoners”. This will cause all prisoners to move to the Labor Camp and you’ll be paid a fee for each prisoner delivered.

How to transfer prisoners in Contraband Police.
How to transfer prisoners in Contraband Police.

Keep in mind that when starting, you will have space for only three prisoners. Check out our guide on how to get promoted to increase your jail space as well as have prisoners automatically transported to the Labor Camp.

Arresting someone and putting them in jail means they also had some contraband on them. Now that the prisoners are dealt with, what do you do with contraband?

How to Transfer Contraband to the Police Base in Contraband Police

How to transfer contraband in Contraband Police.
How to transfer contraband in Contraband Police.

Similarly to prisoners, players can also sell contraband for a solid price. However, instead of the Labor Camp, now they’ll have to travel to the Police Base, which is on the opposite side of the map (top right).

Make sure to carry every contraband item in your inventory and then make the trip. Keep in mind that contraband doesn’t sell for a lot of money, so only travel to the Police Base when your storage is almost full.

Head inside the central hangar and talk to the officer sitting on the desk inside to transfer all contraband.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, players can transfer prisoners in Contraband Police by transferring them from the cell to the police car and then moving them to the Labor Camp.

Players will get money for each prisoner delivered there, so it’s a solid way to make some extra cash.

Have you upgraded your prison space? How often do you transfer prisoners? Let us know in the comments below.


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