Contraband Police: How to Get Promoted

Getting promoted is a core part of Contraband Police as it’s similar to a leveling system in other games. It allows players to earn more money and buy extra tools and upgrades.

The best way to get promoted is by doing perfect inspections. Be thorough with every car that comes through and make the right choices in terms of accepting, declining, or arresting them.

In this guide, I will explain how to get promoted in Contraband Police and list the best tips to ensure you’re always getting a perfect inspection.

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How to Get Promoted in Contraband Police

How to get the first promotion in Contraband Police.
First promotion in Contraband Police.

When starting the game, players will have to travel around the map to buy tools and transfer prisoners and contraband. Additionally, each successful inspection will yield $100 and some XP.

After receiving enough XP (as showcased by the white bar on the top right corner), players will level up and thus get promoted.

Thus, the best way to get promoted is to make sure you’re always getting perfect inspections. If you miss something and make a mistake, you’ll receive less XP per inspection.

Each promotion will unlock additional features and allow players to make more money per successful inspection.

For instance, the first promotion allows ordering Vlad to come over and sell tools to the players without having to go to his shop. Additionally, each successful inspection will award $130.

The second promotion will increase money made to $160 and allow players to transfer prisoners and contraband without having to travel over to the Labor Camp and Police Base.

But how do you make sure to always get a perfect inspection?

How to Get a Perfect Inspection in Contraband Police

Check everything before approving a driver in Contraband Police.
Check everything before approving a driver in Contraband Police.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when checking a car so I highly recommend having a checklist. Here’s everything you should check for:

  1. Check any special regulations before starting to check cars (e.g. drivers from Erkai can’t have cargo after a certain embargo).
  2. Take a first look at the car and see if it fits any suspect descriptions (flat tire, specific color, etc.).
  3. Check the documents for any mismatches. Most times when there’s a mismatch, it will be a small detail (e.g. one letter in the passport number).
  4. Count all cargo carefully (even if there is one less cargo than mentioned, you have to deny entry).
  5. Use a UV flashlight to look for snake symbols. Check cargo, inside, and outside of the car.
  6. Check around the car for any contraband. Prime locations include bumpers, behind the seats, or inside cargo containers.

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Keep in mind that while progressing in the game and getting promoted, you’ll have to look out for more details when checking each car. This includes vehicle damage, cargo weight, and more.

And that’s all. With these in check, you can safely decide whether you’ll allow entry, deny it, or even arrest the driver.

Wrapping up

To sum up this Contraband Police guide, players can get promoted by getting perfect inspections consistently. The best way to get perfect inspections is to have a checklist for every driver that comes through and make sure to check every single detail.

What’s your current promotion? Do you bring Vlad over and buy from the border, or do you make the trip to his shop? Let us know in the comments below.

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