Cassette Beasts: Locations of All Ranger Captains

Ranger Captains are a different spin on the Gym Leader system in Cassette Beasts. You can begin hunting down these challenging fights by completing the This Is The World We Live In quest, and return to Harbourtown.

Kayleigh will invite you to drinks, and once the discussion is done you’ll unlock Take Me On. In this guide, I will go over all the locations of the Ranger Captains in Cassette Beasts.

After completing the first part of the quest Take Me On, all that will be left is tracking down the various captains and challenging them to battles. They’re all over New Wirral, and you can fight them in any order you like.

To be honest though, whether you can reach some of them early on in the game is another thing altogether, but you have the freedom to go at them any which way you like.

This guide will not go into heavy spoilers about the fights to preserve the challenge for players who only want to know where they are, and not know what they will be up against.

Also, to avoid another big spoiler, I will offer you a little hint. Once you defeat all the 12 Ranger Captains and complete your stamp card, head back to the Town Hall in Harbourtown.

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Cassette Beasts: Twelve Ranger Captains


I will go over all the 12 Ranger Captains, their locations, and their rewards once you win against them. This way if you are looking for a specific one you can immediately go to them.

I will also briefly go over how to complete their puzzle, in case any player gets hard stuck on anyone in particular.

Something else to also point out. Most of these captains are alone on remote islands at the edge of the map.

No one wonders if they do their job right or even why you have to go so out of your way to find them.

A nice arena in the middle of town was too much to ask I guess. Moving on.

Captain Buffy


Captain Buffy, hangs out in Cherry Meadow, and if you enter Cherry Meadow from Lakeside you’ll see her up on a cliff. Love the pun!

Players will need to travel through Cherry Meadow in a counterclockwise motion to get to her. Locate a lever that elevates a bridge, and you will be able to challenge her.

Once you defeat Captain Buffy you will be rewarded with:

  • A stamp
  • Fused Materials
  • An AP Refund Sticker
  • An Upgrade
  • A bundle of Crafting Materials

Captain Clee-O


Captain Clee-O can be found deactivated in the Eastham Woods, and if you ask me is better left deactivated. Some things are better left as you found them.

To reactivate her, and eventually fight her for her stamp you will need to complete the Coin-Operated sidequest.

Keep in mind, to complete this sidequest you will need to have the Electromagnetism ability unlocked.

Once you defeat Captain Clee-O you will be rewarded with:

  • A stamp
  • Fused Materials
  • A Gambit Sticker
  • An Olive Up!
  • Some Metal

Captain Codey


Captain Codey likes to hang out on the frosty cliffs of Mt. Wirral. Talking to you about a lot of sketchy things, so maybe do not make him your best friend and slowly back away after you win.

Check along the eastern cliffs of Mt. Wirral once you can climb the walls and you’ll find Codey sitting by himself, not far from a waterfall.

Keep in mind, to reach Codey you will need to have the Pumpkin Vine Ball ability unlocked.

Once you defeat Captain Codey you will be rewarded with:

  • A stamp
  • Fused Materials
  • A Glitter Bomb Sticker
  • An Upgrade
  • A bunch of Materials

Captain Cybil


Captain Cybil, can be found in The Marshes. You’ll find her one map segment west of the bonfire. Who are we to judge if she is really happy in a place like this? To each their own I guess.

The easiest way to get to her is by coming south from Cherry Meadow.

Once you defeat Captain Cybil you will be rewarded with:

  • A stamp
  • Fused Materials
  • A Change The Record Sticker
  • An Olive-Up!
  • Assorted Materials

Captain Gladiola


Captain Gladiola waits for you on an island in the southwest of the Mire Sea. I think if you move a little more to the west you will fall off the world, and at least then we won’t have to run after you.

Once there, pull the lever on the right side of her little plateau, then jump onto the wind current that appears.

Once you defeat Captain Gladiola you will be rewarded with:

  • A stamp
  • Fused Materials
  • A Jagged Material Sticker
  • An Upgrade
  • Assorted Materials

Captain Heather


Captain Heather, is located in the far west of the map, on an island in a section of the Mire Sea. This is my opinion, but I don’t think people would care about the weather on an island with a population of three.

Enter Cherry Meadow and follow the northern path west, glide down into Cast Iron Shore, and keep going west. You’ll find her island a little ways away from the shallows of Cast Iron Shore.

Once you defeat Captain Heather you will be rewarded with:

  • A stamp
  • Fused Materials
  • A Fog Sticker
  • An Olive Up!
  • Assorted Materials

Captain Judas


Captain Judas is located in the Southern Isles. The easiest way to reach him is going from the Deadlands.

I am not one to judge, but if you knew about us, why not come back, and have a nice civilized discussion over tea?

Make your way along the southern coast of the Deadlands to the east, until you reach the area’s bonfire.

Continue east until you hit the southeastern tip of the area. Look around for a little bit, and Judas will be waiting for you.

Once you defeat Captain Judas you will be rewarded with:

  • A stamp
  • Fused Materials
  • A Pre-emptive Strike Sticker
  • An Olive Up!
  • A bunch of Crafting Materials

Captain Lodestein


Captain Lodestein hangs out in “Ham”, the thin valley to the west of Eastham Woods.

I like him, and that’s all I am willing to say on the subject. Now you don’t mind if I stay here with him, do you?

Look for a lever in the middle of the area that raises two platforms with speed ramps. use Bulletino Dash to zip over the north-facing ramp.

Lodestein is on the next platform to the west, and you can use Electromagnetism to latch onto the blue block over his head and pull yourself over

Keep in mind, to reach Lodestein you will need to have the Bulletino Dash, and Electromagnetism abilities unlocked.

Once you defeat Captain Lodestein you will be rewarded with:

  • A stamp
  • Fused Materials
  • A Battery Sticker
  • An Olive Up!
  • Many Materials for Bartering

Captain Penny Dreadful


Captain Penny Dreadful, is located in the Deadlands. With a name like that you know she is a lovely girl. She sure knows how to pick them, doesn’t she? Nice place to settle down.Cheery. At least she has a hobby.

Go east until you see the remains of houses. Penny Dreadful will be standing by herself in a little clearing.

Keep in mind, to reach Peeny you will need to have the Electromagnetism ability unlocked.

Once you defeat Captain Penny Dreadful you will be rewarded with:

  • A stamp
  • Fused Materials
  • A Ritual Sticker
  • An Upgrade
  • A bunch of Crafting Materials

Captain Skip


Captain Skip, is located just off the shore of Western Harbourtown. Whatever irresponsible parent left their child unsupervised, please come get him back. I kind of think he is stranded pretending that it’s all good.

To reach Skip you’ll need to swim. Once you can swim you can float out to Western Harbourfront via the docks, and you’ll find Skip on top of what appears to be a cargo container.

Keep in mind, to reach Skip you will need to have the Diveal Swim ability unlocked.

Once you defeat Captain Skip you will be rewarded with:

  • A stamp
  • Fused Materials
  • A Binvasion Sticker
  • An Upgrade
  • Various Materials

Captain Wallace


Captain Wallace is pretty difficult to miss, located right outside of the Ranger Outpost. This man has seen a lot, and you can tell. As long as he finishes the project on time, we are all good, my man.

To reach Captain Wallace you’ll need to find the lowered bridge. Look along the rock wall to the right of the bridge to find a switch that will raise it, allowing you to get at Wallace.

Once you defeat Captain Wallace you will be rewarded with:

  • A stamp
  • Fused Materials
  • An Elemental Wall Sticker
  • An Olive Up!
  • A bunch of Wheat

Captain Zedd

Captain Zedd, is a tired man who is taking a nap on the east side of Autumn Hill. Now he knows where it’s at. I tell you people who sleep around the clock are unsung heroes. They don’t have the little gremlins in their head keeping them up.

You’ll find him in an area full of Bulletinos, and you will need to complete the sidequest Scattershot to be able to battle him.

Once you defeat Captain Zedd you will be rewarded with:

  • A stamp
  • Fused Materials
  • Sure-Fire Sticker
  • An Upgrade

Final Thoughts

Boss battles like these are great in RPGs because they allow players to have a goal to strive for. Strong opponents for them to face up against, and eventually defeat.

You now know the locations of all the 12 Ranger Captains, plus the little hint about where to go after you defeat them, in Cassette Beasts.

Feel free to explore the world, and see what’s out there. What secrets are hidden, and what treasures await players?

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With many different Captains to face, players will have their favorites or the ones that gave them a real challenge.

Let us know in the comments down below which ones are your favorites, and which ones you struggled against.


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