Age of Wonders 4: How to Get Pantheon XP Fast & Easy

Leveling up your Pantheon in Age of Wonders 4 unlocks new hero and faction customizations as well as various Society Traits that can significantly improve your next gameplay.

However, leveling up your Pantheon requires completing games, which takes a lot of time.

The best way to get Pantheon XP is by playing and winning short games vs the AI.

In this guide, I will showcase the best ways to get Pantheon XP fast and easily in Age of Wonders 4 to help you unlock new stuff sooner.

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How to Get Pantheon XP in Age of Wonders 4

How to get Pantheon XP fast in Age of Wonders 4.

After completing a game, you will earn Pantheon XP based on the activities completed. Specifically, here are all the activities that reward Pantheon XP and the exact amount of points they’ll provide:

  • Won the game – 500 XP
  • Leveled up Hero – 10 XP
  • Unlocked Tome – 25 XP
  • Defeated Hero – 10 XP
  • Conquered City – 25 XP
  • Improved House Allegiance – 10 XP
  • Destroyed Infestation – 25 XP
  • Formed Alliance – 50 XP
  • Cleared Ancient Wonder – 25 XP
  • Vassalized House – 50 XP

All methods (except winning the game) multiply the experience earned based on the number of times you completed them. For instance, if you level up your Hero 20 times, you’ll get 200 XP total.

Best Way to Get Pantheon XP Fast in Age of Wonders 4

Based on the numbers shown above, the best way to get Pantheon XP fast in Age of Wonders 4 is by winning games. The faster you can win a game, the sooner you’ll get the 500 Pantheon XP. Then, move to the next game and repeat.

The fastest way to do it is by setting up a new Realm with the following settings:

  • Player Distance: Close
  • Players: 2
  • Difficulty: Relaxed
  • Turn System: Classic Turns
  • Realm Traits: Lands, Endless Fields, No Free Cities
Besst Realm Setup settings for farming Pantheon XP in Age of Wonders 4.

In terms of settings, leave everything else at default and move on to Faction creation.

In terms of the best Faction settings, select the following:

  • Physical Form: Any
  • Body Trait: Strong
  • Mind Trait: Overwhelm Tactics
  • Culture: Barbarian
  • Society Traits: Prolific Swarmers, Scions of Evil
  • Tome: Tome of the Horde
  • Origin: Champion

Overall, these settings will maximize your early-game resources and allow you to spam units immediately and attack the enemy within the first few turns.

With everything in place, you’ll be able to defeat the enemy within the first 20 turns.

When starting the game, spread out your units to find the enemy and keep making new units. Attack them as soon as you get the chance and you’ll win.

How to Farm Patheon XP via a Bug in Age of Wonders 4

Alternatively, there is currently a bug in the game that allows you to farm Pantheon XP quickly.

To do that, create a game with the same Realm settings as previously. Faction settings won’t matter as you won’t engage in combat at all.

Find the enemy and Declare War Without Justification. Then, select ‘Negotiate’ and choose ‘You Become a Vassal’. When selected, you’ll immediately win the game.

And thus, you can get the 500 Pantheon XP within the first two or three turns, depending on how fast you can find the enemy.

For more details on how to use this method, check out the video below.

Overall, this bug is currently the fastest method for farming Pantheon XP.

Wrapping up

To sum up, the best way to farm Pantheon XP in Age of Wonders is by creating a 1vs1 game and defeating the AI as soon as possible.

This can be done normally within around 20 turns, or by using a bug within three turns.

What’s your go-to way of farming Pantheon XP? What are you trying to unlock? Let us know in the comments below.

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