Age of Wonders 4: Best Tomes in the Game

Age of Wonders 4 includes a highly-detailed research system that features Tomes from six different affinities.

However, this causes many players to get confused regarding which Tome to unlock first.

In this article, I will list the five best Tomes in Age of Wonders 4 based on their overall power, situational usefulness, and how hard they are to unlock.

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Best Tomes in Age of Wonders 4

Without further delay, here are the five best Tomes in Age of Wonders 4.

5. Tome of the Golden Realm (Tier IV)

The Tome of the Golden Realm is one of the best Tomes in Age of Wonders 4.

The Tome of the Golden Realm has various benefits such as increasing your Gold gains, unlocking the Luxury Markets City Structure, and the Gilding Blast Debuff Spell.

The best part of this Tome is the Gold Golem unit, which is definitely worth the investment of a Tier IV Tome. It combines damage with survivability and is able to take down almost any enemy with ease.

This Tome offers some solid city improvements and an amazing unit that’s a must-try.

4. Tome of Roots (Tier I)

The Tome of Roots is one of the best Tomes in Age of Wonders 4.

This Tome offers healing abilities, extra Blight damage from Poison weapons, and some decent token units (Entwined Thrall, Roots).

Overall, having healing and regeneration in the early game is extremely beneficial, as most armies are evenly matched. The Tome of Roots will easily make the difference and help your army shine in early-game fights.

Due to how solid and versatile this Tome is, it’s easily considered one of the best Tomes in Age of Wonders 4.

3. Tome of Amplification (Tier II)

The Tome of Amplification is one of the best Tomes in Age of Wonders 4.

This Tome is simply amazing since it amplifies your total magic damage. It can Conjure an Amplification Pylon, which deals damage and increases the damage of your spells by 20%.

Additionally, it increases your Knowledge income at the cost of Stability, while also increasing the Critical Hit chance of your spells.

On top of those, the Tome of Amplification also offers some solid damage spells such as Amplified Arrows and Chain Lightning. These deal great Lightning damage and are extremely versatile as they can be used against most enemies.

2. Tome of Teleportation (Tier III)

The Tome of Teleportation is one of the best Tomes in Age of Wonders 4.

The Tome of Teleportation, as its name suggests, includes various teleport spells that can help you a lot during combat and after that.

Specifically, the Mass Recall spell will allow you to fully recall a friendly army back to the nearest owned city. This can make it easier to navigate far away without worrying about having to travel back.

Additionally, Emergency Teleportation teleports the closest allied unit to you and temporarily heals them. Since there aren’t many ways to heal your units in Age of Wonders 4, this is extremely helpful.

Overall, the ability to teleport your army back to your cities or near other units can be a game-changer if used properly.

1. Tome of the Horde (Tier I)

The Tome of the Horde is the best Tome is Age of Wonders 4.

Tome of the Horde is an early game Tome that gives you many essential buffs that will make the game feel significantly easier.

Specifically, Spawnkin will increase your overall damage by 20%, the Houndmaster Unit (which also summons a War Hound) is a solid ally to have, while it also has spells to summon and buff allied units. Lastly, Blaze of the Horde is a solid damage spell.

All in all, Tome of the Horde is the best Tome in Age of Wonders 4 since it has a bit of everything you need and you can get it very early in the game.

Wrapping up

To sum up, these are the five best Tomes in Age of Wonders 4. Each of them shines for a different reason and it’s important to select the one that fits your goal and circumstances best.

Keep in mind that any Tome that didn’t make it on this list is simply more situational. If used properly, it can still shine and guide you to victory.

Which Tome are you trying to unlock? What kind of victory are you aiming for? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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