12 Best PS4 Multiplayer Games Ever Made

Feeling a bit nostalgic and looking for the best PS4 multiplayer games that were launched in the past? This is what we’re going to talk about today, when I share the 12 best multiplayer games for the PlayStation 4.

The truth is that there are dozens of really good titles out there, which makes picking out the best one an almost impossible task. Therefore, we’ll have to settle with 12 instead, ha!

I am sure that, no matter which of these titles you’ll pick, you’ll spend tens of hours playing them (if you haven’t done so already!)

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1. Overwatch

overwatch 2 screenshot

Overwatch is one of the most popular games out right now, not just in the multiplayer category.

Unless you’ve been living in your basement, closed off from the outside world for the past year, you’ve probably heard of it in one way or another.

It is a team-based first-person shooter game where you control unique characters with set abilities and quirks.

Each unique character is filtered into four categories: Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. All of them are pretty much self-explanatory.

Two teams composed of six players each are pitted against each other in one of the colorful maps, which contain specific goals that both teams need to accomplish.

For example, an “Escort” map tasks one team with delivering a payload to a specific drop point, while the other team must prevent them.

You can think of Overwatch as a grander version of Team Fortress 2 – but with fewer hats and more female characters.

2. Rocket League

Rocket League

If you’re looking for a chaotic but incredibly addicting PS4 multiplayer game, there’s no game that better fits that description than Rocket League. And you can also play it on your PS5, if you want to…

Basically, if soccer and destruction derby were to mate, Rocket League would be the offspring.

Two teams composed of one to four players each play against each other in a large stadium.

The gameplay centers on scoring as many points as possible within a set time limit by repeatedly putting a large ball through the opposing team’s goal.

It’s pretty much soccer, right? However, instead of pro soccer players, you control rocket-powered cars.

You can make your car jump to hit the ball mid-air and collect speed boosts to quickly traverse the field.

You can also use speed boosts to ram into opposing cars in an attempt to temporarily take them out of the match.

If you’re looking for an extremely fun multiplayer game with a simple premise, we recommend checking out Rocket League.

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3. Destiny 2

destiny 2

To be honest, I could easily go for the original game too, but the sequel is more popular and chances are you’ll have more people to play with.

An online-only game, Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter game with added elements from RPGs and MMOs.

Players typically take part in activities together with other players. But they can only talk to those whom they’re matched up with.

There are three distinct main character classes: Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans.

Destiny offers a deep character progression and customization system, giving you a lot of freedom to optimize your character according to your style.

There are two types of multiplayer in Destiny: player-versus-environment and player-versus-player. The former is cooperative multiplayer where you can team up with other players to take on side-quests or missions.

The latter is obviously competitive multiplayer, which features familiar multiplayer modes like free-for-all deathmatch (Rumble), capture-the-flag (Rift), area-capture (Control), and team deathmatch (Clash).

4. Titanfall 2

titanfall 2

Tired of playing as a foot soldier in first-person shooter games? If yes, then we recommended picking up Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2.

Like its predecessor, Titanfall 2 allows you to not only control a foot soldier on the battlefield, but also a hulking mecha called a Titan.

The Titans aren’t as cool as Japanese mecha like the Gundams, though. They’re more in line with the jaegers in the movie Pacific Rim.

You start off as a pilot during matches. And once you have fulfilled the necessary requirements, you will be able to summon your Titan to aid you in battle.

Titans, which come in different types, have a set loadout. Their weapons are way more powerful than pilots. But in exchange, their movement speed is way slower.

New to Titanfall 2 is the “Networks” system, a grouping system which groups together players who belong in the same Network during matches whenever possible.

The matchmaking in Titanfall 2 can be a kill-joy, though. You will regularly find yourself matched up with players who are obviously miles ahead of you in skill level.

But if you really love robots and mecha, you’re going to love this game.

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5. Rainbow Six Siege

rainbow six siege

If you want a multiplayer first-person shooter game that heavily promotes teamwork, Rainbow Six Siege is an excellent choice.

It has tactical elements added to the usual action-packed gameplay typically seen in first-person shooters, making matches more than just about firepower.

You can play as one of several “operators,” counter-terrorist units each armed with different sets of weapons and gadgets.

For better chances of winning, teams must deploy operators that greatly complement each other out in the field.

This is especially important since you can’t change operators in the middle of the round and killed players don’t respawn until the end of the round.

Environmental destruction is a key element in Rainbow Six Siege. Attackers can blow up walls and doors while defenders can set up traps and fortifications to prevent the attacking team from reaching their goal.

There are six modes available: Hostage, Bomb, Secure Area, Terrorist Hunt, Tactical Realism, and Situations.

All of them are multiplayer modes except Situations, which is a single-player tutorial mode.

Use that mode to get a full grasp on the mechanics and be able to effectively help teammates.

6. The Division

the division

Want to play a shooter game but hate the first-person perspective? You can check The Division, a third-person shooter game set in New York City.

Unlike most other shooter games, The Division is heavy on RPG elements, making it more like an action-RPG instead of a shooter game. Think Mass Effect, but more grounded and without aliens.

Though it’s an online-only multiplayer game, it has storyline missions that you need to finish to uncover the truth behind the pandemic that ravaged New York City.

You can play cooperatively with friends, which infinitely makes the game more enjoyable. Interacting with total strangers online has always been a mixed bag in multiplayer games.

Competitive player-versus-player is also available, though it’s less enjoyable than co-op.

The Division has an experience and currency system similar to an RPG. The former is for upgrading your character’s skills and abilities and learning new ones, while the latter is used for buying equipment.

Not all equipment can be bought from shops, though. You can also get them as loot or craft them yourself using materials.

Since it’s structured like an RPG, you will find yourself grinding a lot in the game. If you’re into that sort of thing, The Division is for you.

7. The Last of Us Remastered

The Last Of Us Remastered

This is one of the best games ever made in the history of gaming, in my opinion. It is best known for its masterfully written story that will squeeze emotions out of your chest.

Which is most likely why its online multiplayer mode, Factions, went completely under the radar. No, seriously, it has a multiplayer mode, which is really underrated.

Up to eight players can play in multiplayer, who are divided into two factions: Fireflies and Hunters.

Each match is equal to one day. Everyone’s goal is to ensure the survival of their respective faction for 12 weeks.

To achieve that, players must scavenge for supplies around the map and kill enemies, who leave behind loot that can help in survival.

Teamwork is key in Factions, especially when scavenging for resources out in the open. Playing lone wolf style is a bad idea.

There are three game modes in Factions: Supply Raid, Survivors, and Interrogation. The former two are basically the same.

The main difference is that, in Survivors, players have only one life per round – no respawns, in other words.

Interrogation, on the other hand, tasks players with interrogating enemies in order to find out the location of their faction’s lockbox. The first one to get the lockbox of the opposition wins.

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8. Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

diablo 3

This was one of the most anticipated sequels ever. It was originally released in 2012 but PS4 owners didn’t get the chance to get their hands on it until 2014.

The Ultimate Evil Edition contains the original console version and the Reaper of Souls expansion pack.

Diablo III features the same action-RPG gameplay seen in its predecessors. You play as one of the six character classes in the game (another one, the Necromancer, is set to arrive this year).

The ultimate goal is to take down the titular character. And for that, you will need to optimize your character’s abilities, weapons, and armors.

You can’t just hack and slash your way through the game without the proper equipment.

Diablo III is best played with real-life friends in local co-op. You can hunt for powerful equipment, beat bosses together or simply beat the crap out of lowly enemies just for fun.

It can be rather stressful if you and your buddies play at different paces, though. If you meticulously check every nook and cranny and take a long time to arrange items, it could rile up your impatient friends who prefer to be always on the move.

9. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4 A Thiefs End

This is surely one of the best games the PS4 has to offer. It is the final installment in the action-adventure series and once again stars Nathan Drake a.k.a. Indiana Jones Lite.

Like Factions in The Last of Us, the multiplayer mode in Uncharted 4 has been overlooked by many. Which is a shame, since it’s arguably one of the best third-person multiplayer modes out there.

In multiplayer mode, you play as one of the many characters in the series. Maps are based on familiar locations found in the single-player campaign.

They aren’t just cheap knockoffs, though – developer Naughty Dog really carefully crafted each map to set the tone.

Two multiplayer features have been included to add depth to the gameplay: “Mysticals” and “Sidekicks.”

Mysticals grant you supernatural boosts. For example, the “Spirit of Djinn” gives you the temporary ability to teleport over short distances, while the “Staff of Ayar Manco” reveals the location of enemy players on the map.

Sidekicks are… well, sidekicks. They are AI-controlled characters that you can summon to give you a helping hand. There are four Sidekicks with different skill sets: Sniper, Savior, Hunter, and Brute.

Uncharted 4 has a good number of multiplayer game modes, which includes three modes frequently seen in multiplayer shooter games: Team Deathmatch, Plunder (a capture-the-flag mode), and Command (an area capture mode).

10. For Honor

for honor

It is a third-person hack-and-slash game that’s built like a multiplayer shooter game. Combat is focused on melee fighting, so if you like playing action-RPGs like Dark Souls, you will find the combat system familiar.

There are three types of playable characters in the game: Knights (The Legion), Samurai (The Chosen), and Vikings (The Warborn).

Each has four character classes, which come with their own skills and fighting styles. You can check out all the character classes and see which fighting style best suits your taste.

There are five multiplayer game modes: Dominion, Brawl, Duel, Skirmish, and Elimination.

Dominion is a four-on-four area capture mode. Capturing areas award teams with points.

Once a team accumulates enough points, they need to kill all enemy players to win. Brawl and Duel are basically the same. The former is a two-on-two fight while the latter is a one-on-one.

Skirmish is similar to Dominion. But players earn points by killing non-player enemies.

Elimination is a straight-up four-on-four fight where players simply need to kill all enemy players.

For Honor is a fun game to play if you want to take a break from multiplayer shooter games.

12. TowerFall Ascension

TowerFall Ascension

Last but not the least is TowerFall, an indie game originally released on Ouya, a short-lived micro-console, and later ported to PC and consoles as TowerFall Ascension.

It doesn’t feature online multiplayer, though, so you can only play it with real-life friends locally.

Described as an “archery arena game,” TowerFall Ascension is a fast-paced game where you kill other players mainly by shooting arrows.

You have a limited supply of arrows, discouraging you from mindlessly firing arrows in random directions, hoping to miraculously hit another player.

You can pick up shot arrows around the 2D arena. But the matches are so frantic that you will barely have the time to do that.

Up to four players can play in multiplayer. The goal is to simply take out all enemy archers.

The last man standing is the winner. It is best played with a group of friends, where everyone takes turns playing in matches.

TowerFall Ascension may be the least popular of the 15 multiplayer games in this list. But it’s certainly one of the most addicting.


It’s difficult to list even 12 amazing multiplayer games for the PS4, as we had a lot of goodies to choose from. But I am certain that you will find all my recommendations above pretty amazing.

Do you have additional PS4 multiplayer games that you’d like to recommend? Let us all know of your top choices by commenting below!

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