ARK: How to Level Up Dinos

Ark includes a wide variety of dinos or other creatures that can be tamed and each of them can level up.

Leveling up is essential as it increases all of the tamed creature’s stats, as well as its overall usability.

Before leveling up your dinos, consider checking out our guide on how to level up your character fast. It’s the most important step to complete before leveling up anything else.

In this guide, I will provide some of the best tips in Ark: Survival Evolved on how to level up dinos and other tamed creatures.

Seek Orbital Drops

Approaching a yellow orbital drop in Ark.
Approaching a yellow orbital drop in Ark.

This method is only recommended for fighting dinos. Take them to extinction and look out for orbital drops. There are four types of orbital drops based on their difficulty.

  • Blue – Easy
  • Yellow – Medium
  • Red – Hard
  • Purple – Very Hard

In general, the blue drops are too easy and offer minimal rewards, so they aren’t worth it.

Aim for yellow if you’re not confident in your fighting abilities, or anything above that if you are.

Even yellow drops can offer up to 4.000 experience points within less than 5 minutes, with red and purple ones awarding even more.

The best part is you don’t need to finish all waves. Complete as many as you can before your HP goes low, back off, and reset.

Tribe Members – Industrial Grinder

Use the industrial grinder to level up your dinos in multiplayer in Ark.
Use the industrial grinder to level up your dinos in multiplayer in Ark.

For this method, you will need two people. One will be using the industrial grinder, place any materials inside (even wood and stone), and start crafting.

The other person should be nearby, standing on top of the dino they want to train.

Simply grind as many items as possible and you’ll start gaining XP.

Keep in mind that this works only on multiplayer, due to how shared experience works. In single-player, you won’t gain any XP this way.

In addition, to increase your XP gains in multiplayer, consider using more industrial grinders.

Kill Baby Dinosaurs Hached From Eggs

Magmasaur egg in Ark Survival Evolved.
Magmasaur egg in Ark Survival Evolved.

This method can be done solo and can be used on any type of dino in the game.

Start by getting your hands on dino eggs. While any egg will do, the higher its level, the more XP you will get.

Then, incubate the egg to spawn the dino baby. Do not imprint it, as you want it to be a wild creature. Then, mount the dino you want to level up and kill the baby.

This is the most efficient method for leveling up your dinos in Ark.

Keep in mind that the XP provided will depend on the egg’s level, as well as the dino type within the egg. The best dinos to breed for most XP, starting from the best one, are the following.

  1. Gigantosaurus
  2. Wyvern
  3. Magmasaur
  4. Tusoteuthis
  5. Spino
  6. Rex
  7. Yutyrannus
  8. Megalosaurus

Each baby, depending on the dino type and its level, can yield anything around 1.500-3.000 experience points.

Wrapping up

To sum up, that’s everything you need to know on how to level up your dinos quickly in Ark.

There are various methods, depending on your dinosaur and available resources, and all of them are extremely efficient.

Now that you’re leveling up your dinos, consider checking out our guide on how Xbox players can join Ark PC servers.

Do you have any other methods for leveling up your creatures in Ark Survival Evolved? Which dino are you trying to level up? Let us know in the comments below.

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