Wizard of Legend Outfits Guide: Best Outfit in the Game

Wizard of Legend offer you the chance to customize the appearance of your character with various outfits. These outfits not only change your looks, they also provide various stat changes and boosts. In today’s article we’re going to talk about the outfits in Wizard of Legend.

Don’t forget that we have already shared a complete guide to all the relics in the game, as well as the cursed relics that you can get from Nox’ shop.

Now, back to the Wizard of Legend outfits! Most can be purchased from Savile in the Plaza and they are varied enough to go well with any type of favorite play style. We’re listing all the details about these outfits below and it’s up for you to decide which is the best outfit in Wizard of Legend based on your play style.

Max health +5%
Run speed +8%
Crit chance +5%
Damage +6%

Note: This is a starting outfit but it has no effect until you unlock the Vigor, Venture, Pace, Awe, and Rule outfits.

Max health +5%
Run speed +8%
Armor +4%
Evade +5%

Note: This is a starting outfit but it has no effect until you unlock the Vigor, Venture, Pace, Awe, and Rule outfits.

Max health +10%
Defense +1%

Armor +8%
Defense +1%

Run speed +10%
Damage +16%
Cooldowns -12%
Max health -40%

Cooldowns -12%
Run speed +8%

Run speed +16%
Evade +5%

Evade +10%
Crit chance +6%

Crit chance +12%
Crit damage +20%

Damage +10%
Armor +4%

In addition to the outfits, you can also get the Savile Special from his shop in the Plaza for 5 gems. This will give your outfit the following effects (removing any current effects):

+ 5% Max health
+12% Run speed
+8% Evade
-8% Cooldowns

Although really good, the main drawback of this special effect is that these good effects will only stay for one run. Afterwards, the outfit you’re wearing will get back to providing the default boosts unless you get a Savile Special from his store.

These would be all the outfits that you can get in Wizard of Legend. Some really good stuff here, without any clear winners in my opinion.

I personally believe that the starting outfit Hope is really good (but you have to wait until its effects become active). I also like Rule, which gives a nice damage boost and extra armor. Some play types are definitely better with the evade outfits… so don’t hesitate to share your opinions on the best one in your opinion by commenting below.

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